Globe iPhone 6 shipments delayed due to courier problems

Globe iPhone 6 shipments delayed due to courier problems

Last November 14, Globe shipped out orders of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to subscribers nationwide. There were a lot of people who pre-ordered the new Apple devices and while the first 200 customers who lined up at midnight for the release, the remaining units were scheduled for shipping that very same morning.

We reached out to Globe reps to ask for explanations but have not gotten anything until now so we took to several sources, including customers who were affected.

From what we gather, the problem stemmed from lack of coordination between the telco and their partner couriers. One of the 3 couriers dispatched to fulfill the shipments was Air 21 (we still have to determine what the other 2 are).


Globe has indirectly admitted the delays and communicated this to their customers. An SMS message was sent over the week-end to a number of customers explaining the delays were due to huge demands of the handset.

As a consolation, Globe is waiving one month MSF to all subscribers who were affected by the delay and promised 2 days shipment for Metro Manila and 5 days for provinces.

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15 Responses

  1. subsubstndardaslways says:

    Globe: Substandard services, mula telecommunication hanggang delivery. Pero kumikita sila ng bilyonesesesess Wonderful world of useless 2G indeed!

  2. zman says:

    One of the other carriers is Ximex (XDE). The 2 day shipment within Metro Manila has not been fulfilled as well.

  3. peterb says:

    I am experiencing this problem as well, my order (which globe has confirmed by means of my claim stub, their email as well as SMS) is for the unit to be charged to my bill and spread over 24 months as i was due for recontracting. But lo and behold when the Air 21 courier arrived at my doorstep he was asking for 24,000 outright because the documents he carried contained that instruction. When I called Globe customer service they confirmed that that should not have been the case. So there, my iPhone Apple experience ruined by Globe.

  4. archie says:

    This time hindi natin pwedeng isisi lahat sa Globe. Sa Pinas, ang ibig sabihin ng courier problems ay Customs or NTC bureaucracy red tape. Alam ng mga taga Customs na hot item ang iPhone 6 kaya pipigain nila ang distributors sa bansa para mag under the table. Matagal na tong practice sa Custom, 1-2 months madedelay ang bagong product dahil ayaw magbigay ng lagay ng legit business. Walang negosyo ang gustong madelay ang produkto nila dahil milyon ang katumbas noon. Kesa magalit kayo sa Globe, kalampagin ninyo ang mga senador at congressman sa mga facebook page nila para mabago ang sistema na to. Especially si Mayor Erap ng Maynila dahil yun ang main entry port ng mga device sa Pinas.

    • 'em says:

      Edi dapat hindi nilaunch ni Globe nung Nov. 14 yung iphone nila kung alam nilang madedelay. Ginusto na din ni Globe yun kasi hindi sila pwedeng maunahan ni Smart. Bottomline, profit pa rin ang habol.

    • The delay was between the warehouse of Globe and the house of the subscriber. There were several mis-coordinated efforts by the 3 couriers.

  5. Joseph says:

    I am so hopeful my new iPhone 6 plus 128GB space grey at Platinum Plan 4,799 will arrive on Friday. Globe informed me this afternoon and i am happy to received info from Globe. I love Globe and I don’t care what other people say. @ plan 4,799 it is unlimited call and text to all network, 10GB of 4G internet surfing plus 3,000 of consumable roaming every month. Globe is much cheaper than Smart to be true. Just ZIP your lips if you can’t afford to buy iPhone 6 plus. Android particularly SM, CM, MP and other local Andriod phones are for people who have hatred to premium phone (iPhone).

    • yamesq says:

      I’m still on my old Plan 1799 (2012) from Globe. I get 30GB of LTE access per month (1GB per day) so I guess your smartphone’s Internet is just plain stupid.

  6. ulvadu says:

    Globe – you can contact WERFAST. Nawala contrata nila sa FED so they can take your clients. Painsure mo lang baka hindi talaga dumating sa destination. In addition – pwede mo contact si Chief PNP paghindi dumating.

  7. ericc says:

    Just ended a 2+ hour long conversation on Globe Platinum’s hotline (with numerous holds in between). She informed me that units are extremely hard to come by at the Globe stores. She eventually found a 64gb unit for me. She was in the process of fulfilling a request on my behalf for delivery (after two hours) when she encountered a system error which if fulfilled, would charge my account the whole amount of the handset.

    I eventually got tired of the back and forth and told the agent to call me once she resolves the issue. In this case, the issue is with Globe’s system and not with their shipment providers.

    Globe is so good at marketing new iPhones, but when it comes to fucking up the actual rollouts, they are absolute pros. I had a similar experience when I got my iPhone 5 a couple of years back.

  8. Rob says:

    Yes they have not learned from their past problems. I had the same issue when they launched iphone 5 and 5s. Same alibi abt having problems processing request which will result to non availability of units. I ended up getting both phones from Smart.

    My experience this year was no different. I preordered last Nov 7 and was promised 4 delivery schedules wherein I wasted my time waiting (2 of 4 dates fell on Saturdays when I don’t have work but decided to spend my day sitting outside our office to wait for the delivery). After the 4th failed delivery I called up Globe and was advised that my order is not for delivery but for pick up so I was for my preferred pick up date and place. I gave a date with two days interval to allow them to process it properly but when I went to the store to pick it up I was informed there is no unit for me. Until now I am still waiting.

  9. glenn says:

    Your can try other globe store. Noong gusto kung kumuha ng iphone,. it tried sa Albang town center and they said wala units available, so i ended up having a reservation. The next day i troed at Globe MOA, luckily they meron nga available. So ended up having my iphone 6 space grey. Depende sa globe store ang availability ng unit. Separate ang item nila for new subscriber and loyalty plans.

  10. yzack says:

    loyalty o hindi, pareho lng treatment ng globe. 1st week of december p pinaprocess 2 hours sa phone with the agent, sab sa 17th of dec makukuha ang unit, tpos just to find out january p makukuha ang unit. astig…. tpos pagsabhan e cancel ang sagot “don’t worry sir ok nmn ang unit nka reserve na just wait nlng”

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