Globe: Illegal repeaters cause major disruptions to mobile signal, connectivity

Globe: Illegal repeaters cause major disruptions to mobile signal, connectivity

Globe has issued a public service advisory on illegal repeaters that cause major disruptions to mobile signal and connectivity.

The telco mentioned illegal repeaters are being sold rampantly on social media sites, online shopping websites, and physical electronics and communications stores all over the country.

Moreover, repeaters are considered illegal when imported into the country without proper permits from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). The sale, purchase, possession, and use are prohibited in the Philippines.


Further, the NTC has reiterated the widespread interference these illegal repeaters cause and have partnered with operators like Globe for appropriate action that includes routine inspections and confiscation of devices through a Show Cause Order sent to establishments or owners that are found in possession of these devices.

Under NTC Memorandum Order No. 01-02-2013, only licensed CMTS operators, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), and other government agencies involved in national security or safety are authorized to purchase, import, possess, and use such devices.

“Illegal repeaters come in the form of indoor or outdoor antennas and wireless adapters that boost network coverage and signal by means of hogging bandwidth from a Globe cell site. As a result, such devices interfere with airwaves and interfere with mobile signals for other customers within the immediate vicinity of the booster and served by the interfered cell site. While we continue to expand our network to deliver first-world connectivity to Filipinos, these efforts will be hindered if illegal repeaters remain in use and will continue to interfere with and degrade mobile network communications,” said Manny Estrada, Globe Head of Technology and Strategy Service Integration.

If you suspect the presence of illegal repeaters in your area, you may report it to the NTC or Globe by filling out this form.

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11 Responses

  1. Ding Dee says:

    You should first understand why people resort to these devices. If you have better service people will not sink money into these devices. Improve your service and people will not patronize these, problem solved. Everyone happy.

    • Axel Carin says:

      I totally agree.
      This is 100% on Globe (and Smart).
      Here where we live, there’s a really bad signal, if we’re lucky i can reach 1.5 mbps. That is IF there’s signal at all.
      Deliver what we pay for, then we don’t need boosters or repeaters.
      Are they afraid of loosing money on sale of gadgets, they sell?
      telco companies here are greedy, we pay relatively high prices for nothing,
      I look forward to see Starlink starts to work here,

  2. Alvin says:

    Eh kasi naman bat walang VoWiFi ang Globe prepaid di tulad ng Smart?

  3. Donald duck says:

    The telcos have them selves to blame if they made more effort in upgrading and installing BTS towers and improving on bandwidth by adding more then maybe people will not feel the need to use devices to get signals by means of boosters

    It’s greedy telcos that’s the problem they even falsely claim speeds as LTE when in reality it’s only 3G

    Greed greed and even more greed with these telcos

    But also the government is greedy especially the NTC with their seriously HIGH cost on spectrum

  4. Dong Do says:

    Agree with Ding Dee. Most places don’t have proper signal at all. Forget about getting a working data connection. Improve your service, and people won’t need these repeaters. Then they won’t buy them. Your calls are the most expensive in the world. Your data is the most expensive in the world. But you don’t have the money to put more towers? All the money is going into the pockets of corrupt directors and managers, or into fighting this “illegal” object. I wish Globe and Smart are threatened with legalisation of private repeaters if they don’t improve their service!

  5. PLDT says:


  6. Jose Reyes says:

    Hey Globe, I have a tagline for your advertisment. It’s GLOBE ” THE BS COMPANY”.

  7. Globulok says:

    Reasons just to avoid their corruption and failures to provide quality services, which Filipino paid for.

  8. Paolo says:

    Why can’t they just sell the repeaters directly to end users, there’s clearly a demand for it, is there a technical reason why a homeowner can’t get them to install one inside their house?

    Wouldn’t they want us to use their expensive data, calls and texts instead of wifi?

  9. nagdahilan nanaman says:

    Pag kayo mga telco nagantihan ng mga tao, pa illegal agad kayong nalalaman. yung ilang decada ng namomoblema mga tao sa service nyo dedma lang kayo! puro lang kayo pa number 1, na kayo lang naman nag sasabing number 1 kayo! FYI, wala kaming pakialam kung number 1 kayo. better service gusto namin.

  10. seb says:

    nanisi pa ng mga illegal devices eh dang kupad naman at hina ng signal nyo! btw, from fairview, q.c lang ako 2bar lang signal pano pa kaya yun mga nasa liblib.

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