Globe posts 1,761 petabytes of mobile data traffic for Q1 2021

Globe posts 1,761 petabytes of mobile data traffic for Q1 2021

Globe posted mobile data traffic of 1,761 petabytes in the first half of 2021, a 59% increase versus the same period last year.

According to Globe, they outperformed the competition in Mobile Data Traffic from January to June 2021. Standing at 1,761 petabytes compared to the 1,579 of other telcos, a number that indicates that customers prefer to use the Globe network for mobile internet services. Note that one petabyte is equivalent to one million gigabytes of data.


“We are very happy that customers continue to prefer the Globe network. We aim to provide an elevated customer experience through better content, affordable offers, worthy promos and responsive customer service. Our relevant offers along with a markedly improved network experience shows that we are hitting the sweet spot of our customers. We will do more to deepen our relationship with our customers with services that will enrich their lives,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

As of June 2021, Globe has installed at least 641 new cell towers and completed 8,175 site upgrades as part of its continued network modernization efforts. The new cell sites were built in Metro Manila, Pangasinan, Laguna, Iloilo, Cavite, Rizal, Batangas, Cebu, Bulacan and Pampanga.

Furthermore, Globe was also able to complete its network expansion in Pangasinan, Misamis, Oriental, Nueva Ecija, Negros Oriental, Negros Occidental, Iloilo, Bataan, Zambales, Tarlac and Capiz, Aklan, Antique, Siquijor and Guimaras.

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  1. Big nuts says:

    With how Globe ripping customers off with small data packages for high prices I don’t believe a word they say

    Plus don’t forget Globe has VMNs as well such as GoMo I assume that the so-called data used that Globe is bragging about is also being consumed by GoMo customers

    Even their speed is not that fast either when I was on Globe even if my phone displays 4G or LTE I never passed 3G speeds never got to taste LTE on Globe mad speeds I ever got was around 22 Mbps and that was just burst speed not sustained and that speed is still 3G

    Their tower upgrades have even seen some areas with much lower signal strength even some people complain they lost signal totally after upgrades

    I’m using Dito now and I achieve almost 4G speeds and bare in mind 4G speed is minimum 100 Mbps I got close to it by achieving 97Mbps that’s not bad for LTE

    So as far as globes bragging I don’t believe it full of shit I say

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