Globe ramps up support for National Vaccination Drive through TikTok

Globe ramps up support for National Vaccination Drive through TikTok

Globe shares its support to the three-day National Vaccination Drive by spreading awareness on COVID-19 inoculation benefits and preventing the spread of fake news.


From November 29 to December 1, the government will run #BayanihanBakunahan mounting thousands of vaccination sites to inoculate 15M Filipinos across 16 regions outside Metro Manila to bring the Philippines closer to a 50% vaccination rate. Currently, only 31% of the target population has been vaccinated, which is far from the year’s 70% initial goal. According to the Department of Health, COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy is triggered by fake news with claims on its harsh effects and even possible microchip implantation.

According to Globe, the company is ramping up content and digital engagements advocating COVID-19 vaccination. The Panatang Pangkaligtasan video was launched last November 24, followed by the #BakunaNow TikTok hastag challenge from Novemeber 27 to 29. Netizens can join the hashtag challenge here. Panatang Pangkaligtasan is a modern-day oath that hights the bayanihan spirit and Globe uses it to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and verify vaccine-related news.

The video leads to a dubbing challenge on TikTok, where netizens will be invited to dub the Panata. It intends to help mobilize an army of Filipinos sharing vaccine-positive content to counter the fake news surrounding vaccination. According to Globe, they push for responsible digital citizenship through discernment and critical processing of content seen online.

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