Globe retracts Php50 late bills payment fee

Globe retracts Php50 late bills payment fee

We got a call from Globe’s Head of Corporate Communications today regarding our story about the late payment fees that they intend to implement to all postpaid subscribers.

The notice was sent out to subscribers via their billing statement back in August 15, 2012.

The notice indicated that a Php50 charge will be imposed if payments on billing are not made on time.


However, Globe has decided not to push thru with this fee scheme. I was told that the decision was made after that notice on the billing statement was printed and sent to subscribers.

I ask whether Globe will be printing another notice to subscribers retracting the earlier notice and they said they will no longer do it since it was never implemented anyway.

Globe has promised to send me an official statement soon, so we have some solid evidence to show the public regarding this development. See original story here.

We’ll update this post once we recieve a copy.

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34 Responses

  1. haykal lorena says:

    It was wrong timing really to setup an additional charge (even though its reasonable) at the time when they are having network difficulties. They should have as they say “think before they print.” But the damage has been done public scrutiny and waste of labor, ink and paper.

  2. chrismun says:

    nahiya siguro ang Globe na i.implement yan. baka sabihin ng mga tao na namumulubi na sila because of their $700m network modernization. LOL

  3. Denmark says:

    good to hear that(if its true), when I received their mail napamura talaga ako coz they cant apply to me. they cannot resolve their delivery issues, my due date is eevery end of the month and the earliest I received my bill was 28th of the month. They asked me to apply to received via email, unfortunately, in the office require the original bill. I complained to globe customer service several times but they cant resolve it.

    • Gerard says:

      Completely agree with the very late arrival of bills. Bills by email are ok, and it would be nice to accomplish everything online. But, with the very low reliability of service, I can’t really trust them to handle these transactions efficiently or at least correctly.

  4. Win says:

    Oh damage control, huh? Ang galing talaga ng mga taga Globe. So the decision was made AFTER the print out? Or after the complaints of customers online? TSK.

    No wonder they suck. People and management has sucky decision and planning skills as well.

  5. Kane Enable says:

    No need to re-inform the customers you’ve just sent the previous notice to? Bad move. Sure. Say you’ve never implemented the P50 fee but how many postpaid subscribers have been pissed off by the idiotic move to charge a late payment fee? How many of them have changed carriers already? Way to go, Globe. Bye-bye.

  6. metre9dmt says:

    Good thing that they won’t implement the Php 50 late pay charge. They should be shameful of this move.

    Their lousy and unreliable network should first be fixed and enhanced before doing any additional charges.

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. itachi1 says:

    i know their need for their subscribers to pay their bills on or before due date, but this not how they should do it. i have friends who work in globe who are also pissed off with this move (i suppose they’re all on postpaid). it looks like it’s a classic case of management decision without a thorough study. also, creating new payment methods and this network modernization are invalid excuses to proceed with this kind of scheme. they’re only a telco, not some other utility company (like meralco or manila water) nor a bank. with a gritty competition, any subscriber can switch to the other easily.

  8. Gerard says:

    Just dropped by globe in my area, their system is offline, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve dropped by and their own system is offline. Can’t even keep their own system online, and it’s not like there is a better choice. It is quite sad that there is no conscious effort to enforce quality in our local services, not even a hint of pride.

  9. mysterious says:

    hahaha.. ikaw tlaga sir (director of globe).. kilala kita since naging boss na kita. i hope everyone can learn from this mistake

  10. Resty Flores says:

    Globe is really doing a lot bullshit these days. And their call center who follows up on your payment is very irritating already.

  11. miongb says:

    Bwahahaha… lng.

  12. Ron says:

    ang daming haters dito…please note that there are also subscribers who are satisfied with their service. comments section are getting so negative these days!

    • skwatershit sila eh says:

      Hahaha. Yaan mo na sila pre. Siguro di rin kasi sila nagbabayad on-time kaya nakakaranas sila ng mga ganyang network problem.

      Or di kaya, mga tambay lang yan dito sa yugatech na PREPAID subs lang naman. looooooooool

    • TuRon says:

      Was reading this kapahon and made an experiment this morning. I texted my other Sun SIM phone using my Globe,message sent & saved.Its been more than 12 hours now wala pa rin ang message ko.Tried to follow up just now while typing this OK naman na.But my previous message wala pa rin.
      Same thing happen when we were in Palawan last June. Di na dedeliver ang messages ng Globe sa Sun pero yung Sun to Globe OK naman.
      Also experienced nawawala ang load ko.Come to think of it, I always pay my text & call in cash & advance.Unlike the guy above wala yatang pambayad at kelangang mabuhay sa credit.One of thsese days tatamaan ka rin ng P50 penalty na yan while me….nevah!

    • Chito Reyes says:

      Through my 18 years of being with Globe, there are many reasons why a subscriber may have overdue accounts. Of course there is subscriber’s own negligence but many of those reasons are Globe’s doing… late bills, late posting of automated payment facility and even online payment facility, disputed charges, impersonal customer service, long periods of reversal (one account of mine took 3 years to be reversed), etc. Don’t blame me if I suspect that Globe is trying to escape from all these so subscribers would be prevented or spend minimal time in scrutinizing their bills and therefore discourage subscribers from questioning to avoid the late payment fee.

      I used to be enrolled in the paperless billing but found it very cumbersome specially if there would be disputes. One of the reasons why I went back from electronic billing and would refer to Paper bills is for documentation purposes (as per lawyer advise) as Globe would ALWAYS include GPRS charges even if the phone is not even GPRS capable. Though they would reverse it after SEVERAL MONTHS, the problem would recur EVERY MONTH so eventually it becomes confusing. They have never corrected this problem and most subscribers won’t even bother to complain anymore. That’s another hidden charge by Globe.

      (I am a postpaid subscriber since 1994 (18 years) and what Globe terms as a pioneer subscriber)

    • Jan Lowid says:

      Network ni SUN ang sira hindi kay GLOBE or interconnection ni SUN at GLOBE. pa ayos mo para gumanda naman ang SUN.

  13. pong says:

    nyeks nakalipat na ko sa smart pero ok lang…

  14. Ernie says:

    Di na nga ako nakakareceive ng paperbill e di nam ako nagsignup ng ebill nila. Walang kwenta cust servic nila. Paglaunch ng new iPhone switch na ako sa Smart. Swear.

  15. meow says:

    thank god!~

  16. Nat says:

    Meron nang one month advance payment pag nag apply ng postpaid line, tapos for late payment they plan to charge 50 pesos, buti na lang di na implement. Malamang tinanggal na sa work ang may idea noon imbis na makatulong sa company, nakasama pa. Bad publicity. Kailan naman kaya i-capitalize ng smart sa ads nila? :)

  17. Iyan Sommerset says:

    I have a feeling something raised a red flag at management HQ, like maybe a swarm of cancellations even *before* the tax was implemented. They aren’t getting those subscribers back soon I guess.

  18. Chito Reyes says:

    Globe’s reply to me during the last week of August:

    “… And please be informed that because of the natural calamities that occured in the recent weeks which may have affected some Globe subscribers, implementation of Late Payment Fee for Globe Postpaid (Mobile Consumer) is further moved to November 2012. Thank you.”

    Hoping your news is complete lifting of this policy and not just delay. it is for the good of everyone.

  19. Russel Urtal says:

    no wonder si mega-taba star sharon cuneta ay lumipat ng smart……..

  20. Yuja says:

    Ok lang siguro ang dagdag kung ang serbisyo nila ai madali rin.

  21. Blue says:

    It’s funny, I got this notice from my recent bill – which was veeery late! I was wondering if I had paid my monthly dues and because things were so busy at work, I couldn’t remember. So I called the hotline to confirm (thank god that’s all I needed the hotline for) and lo and behold, my bill was late. It came a day or 2 before my due date. This matters because I pay online which takes 2 days for payments to post. Along with my usual statement was a notice that they will start charging for late payments. I burst out laughing. Dayum, the gall to charge a late fee when they can’t mail the bills on time. There was another leaflet encouraging subscribers to enroll in an auto payment scheme. Yeah right. Comedians!

  22. Chito Reyes says:

    From Globe Postpaid Facebook Page:
    “Hi @Chito Reyes, despite the announcements made this year, Globe will not charge customers a late payment fee. We want customers to first try and experience the many convenient ways there are available to pay their bills. Later this year, f
    or instance we intend to make bills payment available through more channels such as via phone and through our website. After we roll-out and inform customers of these more convenient ways to pay their bills on time, we will revisit whether we will implement a late payment fee next year. For details, you may also visit Thank you.”

    My response:
    Thank you for addressing the question albeit after 2 days and 6 queries (a reflection of how Globe works?). Payment facilities are not really the problem even at present but just for you to be informed, it is more on the accuracy of your bills, the late delivery of your printed statements (not email) which we need for documentation purposes (as per advice of lawyer), the immediate resolution of disputes which takes months to have reversed and the seemingly automated and impersonal responses we receive both from this site, email and even 211 which impede the timely payment of bills. Please be aware that negligence is not the only reason why payment is delayed… many of these reasons are of Globe’s doing which unfortunately you fail to site and as you have always put the blame on the subscriber. I know this being a subscriber for 18 years already.

  23. JKisaragi says:

    Just recently, I was charged a late payment fee of PhP 50.00.

    I guess they decided to push through with this scheme after all.

  24. licupmn says:

    Sinungaling ang globe, hindi daw implemented pero printed na sya via electronic email yung penalty for late payment, nakaka tuwa na ang penalty daw ay iimpose nila ng December di pa naman tapos ang December pero may penalty na sa previous bill namin. The amount charge was a total of P1,070 for P995 subscription haha, grabe sila kung maka charge ah, yung paper bill namin sa bahay ang cut off ng payment namin is 26th of the month dumarating 28-30th of the month na nakakatuwa, Bayad Center payment facility is not accepting payment for Globe subscribers in our Area, ang telecenters nila ang lalayo sa lugar namin. Tapos panay pa interruptions ng services kung makasingil wagas.

  25. Mae says:

    “Globe retracts Php50 late bills payment fee”

    This is so not true. They still implement this and what’s funny is when my paper bill is 2 pages, they charges me 22.50 EACH PAGE, so that’s 45php and the 50php late payment fee. :(

    I can’t pay my bill on time because the bill arrives late!

  26. mha_camp says:

    not true nag charge pa din sila..

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