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Globe spent P6.6 Billion in capital expenditure for internet services this Q1 2018

In line with Globe’s aim to provide world-class internet in the Philippines, the company is now starting to chip away at that $850 Million (~Php 44 Billion) 2018 capex budget. This Q1 2018, the telco has reportedly spent P6.6 Billion of that large capex budget pool.

The spendings were used in order to support Globe’s expanding subscriber base and their demand for data. In fact, 64% of the P6.6 Billion was used for the data service needs of subscribers. As of writing, Globe now has a total of 38,963 base stations, 25,600 of which are 4G towers.

The telco has also been working with independent third parties since February, for the establishment of a tower company to help boost build times and deployment of cell towers in the country. They’re even willing to focus all or a large part of their tower assets to these independent companies.

Zen Estacio is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. He is the team's laptop guru and one of their resident gamers. He has a monthly column compiling the latest and greatest the Nintendo Switch has to offer. Aside from that, he regularly writes gaming news, reviews, and impressions. You can hit him up at @papanZEN

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3 Responses

  1. trapik says:

    any independent evidence based proof of their internet speed? or this endeavour is just to accommodate more subs? I can safely presume it is the latter.

    I have friends with platinum plans, who are supposed to be prioritised in their network access pero wala naman pinagkaiba sa regular plan ko, mabagal pa rin LOLs

  2. tag101 says:

    I think this is just in paper that they are investing money to expand… To increase their stock market value (Both PLDT and GLOBE stocks has plunge significantly in the past months if not a year).

    in terms of actual internet performance… its still the same (meaning bad service) if not worst.

  3. Carlo Montoya says:

    I still experience intermittent disconnects. The only plus I can think of is that Globe’s call center is available 24×7 and they do send people within a week unlike P***.

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