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Globe to change landline numbers and DUO numbers to 8 digits

Globe has announced that it will soon be changing its landline and DUO numbers from 7 digits to 8 digits.

This announcement comes as a part of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)’s memorandum order No. 10-10-2017 dated last October 2017. In the memorandum, telecom operators are instructed to expand the telephone number range from 7-digit to 8-digit format. NTC assigned select Public Telephone Entities (PTE), which serves as a prefix to the original phone number, to the various telecom operators. The number 7 will be added at the start of Globe landline/DUO numbers, while the number 3 is assigned for Bayan numbers.

The 8-digit number format will be implemented beginning on October 6, 2019.

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  1. JP says:

    Di ko gets yung sa special numbers with the “xx” part.

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