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Globe complies with one year expiration period for prepaid load

Globe Telecom will now comply with NTC-DICT-DTI Joint Memorandum Circular No. 05-12-2017 that extends prepaid load with denomination of Php300 and above to one year, effective today, January 5.

Globe has welcomed DICT’s six months extension on the implementation of the 1-year load expiration for denominations below 300 pesos.

According to Globe, the 6-months extension will give them ample time to prepare for the smooth and seamless implementation of the expiration change across all denominations.

Here are the changes that Globe will address:

1. Expansion of Capacity. Extension of the load expiry will require additional capacity and additional cost. While we have built adequate capacity for 2018, we will need to build more capacity and purchase additional licenses to accommodate the change. This will include purchase of licenses and software programming by third party vendors.

2. System Tests. We will conduct optimization and interoperability tests to minimize any adverse impact to customers when we implement changes and expand the capacity of  several information technology systems.  

3. Additional Number Series. To fully implement the change, we will need additional number series from the NTC. Otherwise, we will run out of numbers as a direct result of the longer load expiration period. Moreover, we need to define and fully test the new number series before making them available for our new customers.

Meanwhile, there may be new conditions applied to prepaid services within the next six months to ensure a sustainable quality of service.

Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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9 Responses

  1. Jude says:

    I fail to see the connection between the load extension change and additional capacity. The only connections I can see is their number series application, additional capacity and licenses. Globe applied for new number series and of course, they need to add capacity. And additional capacity means Globe purchased additional equipment to accommodate new number series they applied for (at NTC) and purchase licenses needed.

    Now where does load extension change comes in? Anybody care to lighten me up?

    For load below 300, it was delayed to July 5, 2018.

    “We allowed this to prevent their systems from the possibility of crashing if changes are made abruptly, which will not only highly inconvenience the consuming public but may even cause serious damage to the telco industry,” — DICT acting chief Eliseo Rio Jr

    I beg to disagree to that statement. They don’t want a few pesos load to last for a year….

    • Xtr says:

      For someone who knew nothing of the telcos process, this is not such a simple switch that you can turn off or on whenever you want. This is a complex system that could get crippled if one “big” parameter is changed. Want your load to disappear to thin air? Then let’s rush this.

    • Shiro says:

      And your basis are?

  2. qwe says:

    What a load of bull.

  3. rush says:

    Sana same expiration applies kahit sa pasa/share-a-load basta same amount hehe

  4. Jude says:

    If they can do it with 300 and more load, why can’t they do it with less than 300? Say, 100 and more? This is not a question of technical expertise. This is a question of logic. And if you’re into technical, you will understand what i said about number series, licenses and additional capacity. If you don’t, you don’t know how business works in this field.

  5. Marius Dejess says:

    Please, Yuga, tell us what is the logistics of the one year expiration for prepaid loads from Globe and Smart and Sun.

    Say, I buy a prepaid load worth 100 pesos or even just 30 pesos, on April 21, 2019, do I get an expiration date of April 21, 2020?

    Of course I know that should I deplete the whole amount of purchase prior to one year, then the expiration of one year is gone.

    But as long as I still have cash left of the original prepaid load, then I will continue to use the remainder cash until until one year is completed from date of purchase.

    Now, what about the share a load from another user, do I enjoy also one year expiration, starting from the date of my having gotten the share a load from the user?

    I have another question or issue for you, I notice that my acquired number of free texts from way back, when I used to buy prepaid loads of 500 pesos, they appear to mysteriously get lesser and lesser, even though I don’t use a lot of texts at all, except maybe less than 4 or 5 texts a week.

    Back to the one year expiration period, the trouble is still that prepaid loads get also to become mysteriously lesser and lesser, even though I don’t even turn on my mobile phone at all for long periods.

    Please, just get the logistics of the one year expiration period for prepaid loads, of Globe and Smart and Sun.

    Marius Dejess

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