GMA 7 and TV5 merger in the works?!

GMA 7 and TV5 merger in the works?!

So it looks like something is already brewing and ready to be served — a merger between TV5 and GMA7 was practically spilled by no other than big boss Manny V. Pangilinan himself (MVP).

The official announced is said to be sent out tomorrow with the new combined network to be launched in November 2012.


The story of MVP trying to buy GMA7 has been circulating int he news for years now. The latest price tag for GMA 7 is supposed to be Php6 billion although MVP was quoted saying that was an expensive price.

We will have to wait until tomorrow to get the confirmation.

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27 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    notice some tv programs of 5 are some big artists of 7.

    Hmmm maybe soon MVP will buy the Philippines…The first Privately owned country. Hahahaha

  2. Prince says:

    sana bumili at magtayo si MVP ng Cable Network. para hindi angkinin ng SKY (ABSCBN) lahat!

  3. la lang! says:

    korek, ung cignal pldt ang may-ari, meaning kay mvp rin un.

  4. darryldose says:

    ayos tatalunin nila ang ABS-CBN. well goodluck na lang sa 2 at 7,5

  5. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Just how liquid is that guy?

  6. paolylo says:

    i’m a bit skeptic. that’s a business deal being reported by a ready-fire-aim showbiz columnist. how can a merger be confirmed if the only thing Ricky Lo wrote about was launching the TV5 counterpart of ABS-CBN’S TFC and GMA’s Pinoy TV?

    playing devil’s advocate by assuming Ricky Lo is a dumbass, i’d think that just because TV5 made a deal that will show TV5’s international channel on Dish Network in the US (which happens to have Pinoy TV but doesn’t have TFC, others like DirecTV have both)… Lo assumed that MVP is confirming a network merger.

    i’m no inside trader or a tabloid writer. but a merger sounds too good to be true.

  7. Mopz says:

    Arnell Ignacio, a TV5 talent seemed to have asked MVP about this and this was the supposed answer:

    But who knows though… this might just be something to stray the attention of the people. :P

  8. chinitoguy says:

    The combined GMA and TV5 CANNOT defeat ABS-CBN, the No. 1 TV network in the country! No matter how large your TV network if they don’t have talented people like writers, directors, creative people, they will never succeed.

    • kuratong says:

      kayang kaya din yan.. kasi pera lang ang katapat niyan.. pera pera pera! hahaha!

    • Marc says:

      kalokohan yan ABS-CBN. they are so desperate for viewers na kelangan nila ilagay na “VIA SATELLITE” ang NBA nila.. maski delayed naman. liars.

    • Dundundundun says:

      ^ Uhm, “via satelite” is different from “Live” so it perfectly makes sense.

      On a side note, ABS is really crap, they have the most biased and sensationalist news team in the country.

    • Eizan says:

      Nagmamarunong kasi si Marc kahit wala namang alam sa TV industry. Bakit, does “via satellite” mean “live” na kaagad? Kahit delayed broadcast pa yan, you can still call it “via satellite” when the feed is “via satellite.” Mabulok kayong mga Anti-ABS-CBN and TV war fanatics, mga walang magawa sa buhay, haha!

    • bawal tanga says:

      via satellite ay hindi live. satellite feed pero di naman sinabi na on time. tsk tsk. pakabit ka na lang cable para di mo na tiisin ung via satellite. haha

  9. Channel 2 will still remain unbeaten. 7 – 5 = 2!

  10. Will this mean Eat Bulaga will move to ABS-CBN? =)

  11. bobby says:

    ABS-CBN will remain the Philippines’ No. 1 multimedia company. Hindi lang pang-TV (and cable), they are also into publishing, film, recording, telecom, etc. HOWEVER, ABS doesn’t have any room to be complacent. That’s why they are really pushing for the launch of Digital TV. Kasi yung strategy nila ngayon naka-align na to DTV, pero continuously hinaharang ng GMA kasi hindi pa sila prepared.

  12. Jhep says:

    It’s obvious, di na masyado nag-i-invest ang mga Gozon sa GMA ngayon, puro pagtitipid na ginagawa nila. Wala ng matinong palabas. Pati yung GMA News TV, bumalik na sa style ng QTV dati na nagpapalabas na lang ng mga movies at foreign telenovela, a sign na ayaw na nilang gumastospara sa original at new program. Hopefully pagpumasok si MVP, magbago ang lahat.

  13. Jay says:

    Kuryente ang Yuga!

  14. eks says:

    6 billion??? nope, wrong information. please check your facts. it can’t be the lastest price tag of gma 7.. or any other tv stations.

  15. byker says:

    “No Merger” -MVP and TV5 Executives

    No merger, TV5 top executives said, amid the stir created by a report that Media Quest acquired GMA Network Inc.

    Social networking sites were buzzing in the early hours of Monday as The Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo wrote at 12 am that PLDT and TV5 chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan confirmed a merger with GMA7.

    Pangilinan, in a statement sent to, said: “You know, all I said was: Please support TV5 here in the States. And by the way, please support GMA7, too, since Dish carries GMA. That was all. No mention of merger, investment, combination. Certainly no mention of a November deadline or any deadline at all. Sure, some people speculated, and all I said was I can now say we are under discussion but nothing has been finalized at this time.”

    TV5 chief executive Ray C. Espinosa told that the report was false and that MVP was misquoted.

    “He did not say there was an agreement to merge TV5 and GMA7. The TV5-GMA7 bundled offering is a marketing strategy of the Dish Network to provide a rich and compelling lineup of Filipino content for Pinoys in the West Coast. This does not mean TV5 and GMA7 have agreed to merge,” he said in a text message.

    Espinosa also said there is “no such thing” as a November deadline.

  16. fft says:

    “via satelite” is a euphemism for ‘delayed broadcast’

  17. fx says:

    6billion? R

  18. tinikling says:

    ….and it will be called GMATV 75 kapatid + kapuso = gay

  19. Things will be possible if we talk about money.

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