Google, National Privacy Commission launch Kabataang Digital campaign on YouTube

Google, National Privacy Commission launch Kabataang Digital campaign on YouTube

In partnership with the National Privacy Commission, Google launches Kabataang Digital, an advocacy campaign that enjoins parents and educators to promote a safe online environment for the youth.

This campaign has recently rolled out on YouTube. This will serve as the project’s main platform to cover topics focused on digital citizenship, online safety, and children’s data privacy rights protection.  It will carry age-appropriate themed content, featuring visually appealing motion graphics. The goal of the said campaign is to increase awareness of how the youth can exercise their data privacy rights, learn how to discern an acceptable data collection from PICs and PIPs, and identify the types of information that can and cannot be shared online.

YouTube creators Raya Maurelle, Madam Ely, and Bianca Gonzalez are included among the first creators to contribute videos to the channel, covering topics under the mentioned points.


Besides its YouTube channel, Kabataang Digital will also have its own website where other content will be available, including interactive games for children. Google is also backing Safe Space, a privacy book for the youth created by CANVAS, commissioned by Globe Telecom in partnership with the National Privacy Commission.

Kabataang Digital, on the other hand, is under NPC’s Privacy, Safety, Security, and Trust Online (PSST!) campaign, which highlights online users’ role in creating a digital space conducive to privacy, safety, security, and trust.

Google also encourages people to help children start their safe online journey and learn how to become smart digital citizens by subscribing to the Kabataang Digital YouTube channel. You may visit their webpage for more information.

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