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Google to add new settings for personalizing smart features in Gmail, Chat, Meet

Google has announced to launch a new setting for smart features and personalization across its platforms.

It will be rolling out a new setting that users can personalize to control whether Gmail, Meet, and Chat would use smart features and other products. This includes Think: tabbed inbox, Smart Compose, and Smart Reply in Gmail; reminders for bills due in the Google Assistant; and restaurant reservations in Google Maps.

Although the function to turn on and off some of these smart features is not new, it now has a clearer option over the data processing. The new setting is designed to understand further and manage the process. The option to turn on and off these features can be accessed on the Gmail settings.

These services are also equipped with secure-by-design to help protect your data and safeguard your privacy. The platform also mentioned that these smart features are provided by using automated algorithms and not manual review. Furthermore, Google ads are not based on the users’ personal data in Gmail. Users remain in control of the data, whether as an individual Gmail user or a Google Workspace administrator.

The new settings are expected to roll out in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Google will continue to evolve controls across its platforms to align with these trends.

Source: Google

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