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Google Workspace for Enterprise and Education rolls out breakout room for Meet


Google Workspace has announced the new breakout rooms that allow the division of participants into smaller groups during video calls in Google Meet.

Google Workspace Logo • Google Workspace For Enterprise And Education Rolls Out Breakout Room For Meet


Google Workspace, formerly known as GSuite, has unveiled this feature that lets educators improve engagement in their classes by dividing students into a smaller group on a simultaneous discussion or working time. With this, moderators can shift between breakout rooms to monitor and participate in discussions. The new feature also lets participants rejoin the original meeting following their smaller group discussion.

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Breakout Rooms • Google Workspace For Enterprise And Education Rolls Out Breakout Room For Meet

Breakout Rooms In Google Meet

The new feature allows users to create up to 100 breakout rooms in a call. Participants will then be randomly and equally distributed across the rooms. They can also be manually moved into different rooms by the moderator.

Only the event creators can create breakout rooms while anyone with a Google account can be a participant. However, breakout rooms are currently accessible on the desktop version of Google Meet.

The breakout rooms on the Google Meet are now available to Enterprise for Education customers. It will roll out to additional Google Workspace editions later this year.

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Source: Google Blog

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