Gray Market iPhone 6, 6 Plus gets priced up to Php100k!

Gray Market iPhone 6, 6 Plus gets priced up to Php100k!

Each year, the first release of any new iPhone will drive the gray market prices of the new models up to twice or thrice the retail price. This is primarily due to supply and demand principles.

We montiored at least 4 online stores that sell gray market units of the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — Lazada, Kim Store, Widget City and DB Gadgets.


We plotted them down here to show the current prices that they are being offered as of today.

StoreLazadaKim StoreWidget CityDB Gadgets
Model: iPhone 6************
16GB iPhone 6Php64,320Php50,000Php52,500Php56,800
64GB iPhone 6Php69,010Php55,000Php57,500Php60,000
128GB iPhone 6Php73,030Php57,000Php62,500Php66,500
Model: iPhone 6 Plus************
16GB iPhone 6 PlusPhp84,420Php92,000Php92,500n/a
64GB iPhone 6 PlusPhp90,450Php100,000Php102,500n/a
128GB iPhone 6 PlusPhp97,810Php105,000Php108,500n/a

Historically, the Apple iPhone has the highest gray market prices. The gold iPhone 5S was selling for double the price last year at Php65k and the iPhone 4 was selling for Php92k when it first came out years ago.

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39 Responses

  1. bryan_mmx says:

    there’s been an update in kimstore’s pricing. a wee bit cheaper

    not that I care :))

    • Easy E says:

      I will wait for the supply to stabilize. And i will just ask someone from the US to buy one for me. And i will wait for the next gen iphone. My ip5 is still working just fine. Super expensive nito pero may iba talaga dyan na may itatapon na pera mauna lang. Lol

  2. theo says:

    aplle fanboys wait a bit more as more suppliers come in the market…

  3. xoontr says:

    Ridiculous price for a ridiculous phone.

  4. archie says:

    Request to Xiaomi and Meizu: Produce a 128GB Mi4 and Meizu MX4 and it will definitely kill the silver fruit in Asia.

  5. Anyare says:

    Siraulo kung bibili mga tao nyan. Isang hulidap lang sa kanila for their iPhone 6 eh tibatiba na magnanakaw.

    • gpr says:

      haha, well, kung ung phone lang yung maholdap/snatch, panu kung may laman un na mga private files, sabog!!! nawalan ka na ng 100k, pati buhay kaluluwa mo nawala. ang labas pwede na ma hostage ang iphone6/+ ngaun :D well, go parin ang mga apple iShit douchebags dyan.

    • Casper says:

      We have what we call passcode lock and iCloud Activation lock.

  6. Adrian says:

    Wow, mga apple fanboys dito pineperahan lng. :|

  7. iSheep says:

    i got my iphone 6 plus 64gb here in hongkong just 40,300+, what a Big difference.

    • Lmao says:

      I know it’s your money. But I’d rather buy a laptop than a 2012-Android equivalent device with such amount of money.

  8. zzz says:

    Of course we Apple users won’t be buying from the gray market where they sell with a very high markup. Most of us will wait for the local telcos to release it, and some will be buying it from Apple stores in foreign markets. Please people, widen your narrow minds.

    • Butt Sniffer says:

      well, if people widen their minds the wouldn’t purchase apple products

    • Mirror says:

      Agreed! I don’t have the money too even if it will be priced 40k+. But ung iba na may pambili, go lang! I don’t discourage anyone total pera at pinaghirapan nila yon. ang mahirap is pag nakaw ang pera o di kaya kutong.

  9. NBI says:

    Are this grey Kimstore and others paying the right taxes!

    • archie says:

      Yes, they do pay taxes. They give receipts and warranty for the gadgets bought. I can attest to that because I have been buying from Lazada and Kimstore. They don’t have physical stores but they are registered business entities.

    • blitz says:

      I thinks lazada gives and official receipt. However, my experience with kimstore was that they did not issue official receipts. When I bought my Xperia SL back in 2012, acknowledgment receipt was given to me. Please do note that AR is not an OR. It does not contain any information regarding the T.I.N and the ATP. Yes, they do pay taxes since they are registered enterprises, but I don’t think that they pay the right amount of income and business tax.

    • johnan says:

      I don’t know about Lazada because i haven’t bought from them but i’m highly doubt Kimstore and the rest pay the right amount of taxes. There is no way they can turn a profit and keep their prices low if they do.

      Also, giving out warranties and being a registered company doesn’t mean they are completely legit. A lot of companies that are bigger than online stores don’t pay the right amount of taxes. Heck, even some of those in the Top 100 Richest Pinoys don’t pay correctly.

    • eric says:

      I think Kimstore “optionally” pays for taxes. :)
      I almost bought a tablet from them once. They gave me an acknowledgement receipt.
      When I asked for an official receipt, they told me that I had to pay an extra 12%. Di ko na lang tinuloy yung purchase since the price went up significantly.

  10. Millhouse says:

    I wonder if the apple fanboys who are mocking the Android users for not being rich enough to own an iPhone can actually afford the new iPhones in these prices. Yoohoo, fanboys, where are you?!


  11. fandroid says:

    I will be replacing my android 5.7 kitkat phone for the iphone 6 plus. Dalawang buwan na sweldo lang pagiipuanan ko. Ayaw ko na ng ërror downloading. insufficient space on the device” error message tuwing mag update mga apps ko sa Android.

  12. Kimmie says:

    e x t o r t i o n . . .

  13. charaught says:

    Ano ba yan, di ko pa nga nabuo yong ipon kong ipangbibili ko ng iPhone 1, may bago na naman. Ang mahal naman, ilang buwan na naming pagkain yan.

  14. Apple4ever says:

    Hello Android Fanboys, puro reklamo na naman kayo sa prices, palibhasa di niyo maafford yung price, 100k? Isampal ko sa mukha niyo 100k cash tsaka ako bibili nyan. :)

  15. Justin says:

    OK lang yan. Mga bobo naman ang mga iPhone users eh. Meron din bibili nyan. Kahit di na sila maka-kain ng lunch at merienda, basta lang naka-iPhone, happy na sila. :)

  16. apple says:

    May pera ako anong paki nyu kung bibili ako. U can say all u want but in the end pera ko gagamitin ko hindi sa inyo

  17. Bino says:

    Para sa mga anak na may magulang na nagpapakahirap sa saudi, 128 gb iphone 6 pus cost only SR 4,199 or P48,800. magpabili na kayo para sikat kayo sa school at mga kaibigan nyo habang naghihirap parent nyo sa pagtatrabaho sa saudi.

  18. iphondroid says:

    4s and note 3 user here, plano ko bumili nyan after 1 or 2 years mura na yan hahaha.. fyi ang apple oras na lagyan mo ng password di mapapakinabangan ng magnanakaw yan. as of now wala pang bypass ang activation ng apple. di tulad ng android pag marunong ka magrecovery mode maoopen mo kahit di mo alam password

    • Raphiduz says:

      You are right. Apple has secured ecosystem. If the Apple device is lost, you can wipeout your data through find iPhone app. The device can never be used without the correct passcode and Apple ID password. The device is useless. It can never be sold. I hope kill-switch be implemented here in the Philippines so that all mobile devices be protected.

  19. d says:

    Mga pumipila para kumita. ;) Magkano kaya resale nila?

    Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines

  20. Dwight says:

    I’d rather buy a macbook air, which is cheaper

  21. Stiffy says:

    I’m selling iPhone 6Plus Gold and Space Gray 64gb for $1800 each. 10k CHEAPER!!! ig: @dezcescan for picture
    PM me if interested

  22. igniculus says:

    gosh ang mahal naman ng price sa pinas, dito sa uae 32k Php to 46k php ang range ng price sa apple store here (46k being the 128 gb iphone6+ na. sinasabayan siguro nila ang hype ngaun kaya abot langit ang presyo, kasing mahal na ng gamer laptop ko LOL

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