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Huawei Cloud launches AI-assisted diagnosis for COVID-19

Huawei Cloud, in partnership with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Lanwon Technology, has developed an AI-assisted quantitative image analysis service for COVID-19.


2D CT image

In China, the clinical diagnosis standard for the COVID-19 virus uses CT features. While CT features provide effective diagnosis and evaluation, large numbers of lesions in the lungs and other factors require multiple rechecks and image reviews.

AI-assisted 3D image

As a solution, Huawei Cloud has developed an AI-assisted quantitative medical image analysis service to speed up the process and lessen the workload. Featuring Huawei’s Asched series AI chips, the AI-assisted imaging service can output 3D images, allowing doctors to analyze results in seconds. The AI-assisted image analysis service can accurately distinguish early, advanced, and severe stages of COVID-19.

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