Instagram intros Sensitive Content Control

Instagram intros Sensitive Content Control

Facebook is launching Sensitive Content Control on Instagram, which allows users to decide how much sensitive content shows up in their respective Explore pages. The new feature gives users control to adjust what type and how much of that certain sensitive content is available.

It is designed to moderate the content a user sees in their own Explore section. Instagram has a set of guidelines about what content is allowed on the platform, and hate speech and bullying are prohibited under these guidelines. Some posts according to Instagram might not break rules, such as those sexually suggestive or violent, so they are introducing this new configuration to enable users to restrict such content in your Explore.


The setting can be accessed from your Account settings on Instagram under Sensitive Content Control. The default filter is set to limit and it is up to the user to change the configuration to “Allow” or “Limit Even More”. The “Allow” option is not available for users under the age of 18.

According to Instagram, this feature is in line with their efforts to protect users and add privacy to their social media platforms such as having tools to filter offensive Direct Messages and protect kids from adults online.

Source: Facebook

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