Intel announces Hybrid Processors for Innovative Form Factors

Intel announces Hybrid Processors for Innovative Form Factors

Intel has announced its latest Core Processors with Hybrid Technology and Foveros 3d packaging technology.


Intel’s new Hybrid processors are capable of delivering full Windows 10 application compatibility in up to a 56% smaller package and 47% smaller board size, as well as longer battery life. As such, OEMs can provide more flexibility in devices with different form factor designs, such as single, dual, and foldable screen devices. It features:

  • Smallest package thanks to Foveros: By leveraging Foveros’ stacking technology, Intel was able to create the chipset measuring jus 12 x 12 x 1mm.
  • Hardware-guided OS scheduling: The CPU and the OS scheduler communicates in real-time to run the apps on the right cores, allowing better performance and faster single-threaded compute-intensive application performance.
  • Intel UHD for AI-enhanced workloads: The GPU engine is capable of delivering sustained performance for AI-enhanced video stabilization, analytics, and image resolution upscaling.
  • Better graphics performance: The Gen11 graphics is capable of delivering up to 1.7* better performance for 7W processors. It’s capable of converting video clips faster and offers support for up to four external 4K displays.
  • Gigabit connectivity: With Intel’s WiFi 6 (Gig+) and Intel LTE solutions, users may experience seamless video conferencing and streaming online.

Here are the two SKUs currently available:

ProcessorCores/ThreadsGraphicsBase Frequency/All Core Turbo/Single Core Turbo (GHz)CacheTDPMemory
i5-L16G75/5Intel UHD Graphics1.4/1.8/3.04MB7WLPDDR4X-4267
i3-L13G45/5Intel UHD Graphics0.8/1.3/2.84MB7WLPDDR4X-4267

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