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CS-Online Club allows you to play CS 1.6 directly from your browser

Do you miss playing CS 1.6 with friends? Thanks to CS-Online club, you can now play you may now do so right from your browser!

With no registration, payment, or downloading of a separate client required, you may play CS 1.6 directly from your browser. There are servers based in Asia, India, Europe, Canada, USA, and Brasil. As for playable maps, there are loads of classic and custom maps available such as:

  • de_dust
  • de_dust2
  • cs_assault
  • cs_mansion
  • de_aztec
  • de_hometown

They also support several browsers, albeit at varying levels of performance. For the best experience, CS Online Club is recommending you use Google Chrome, Chromium, Comodo Dragon, and Safari.

If you’re having trouble finding servers that can fit your whole squad, you may also rent a paid server, for a price.

Play CS 1.6 here: https://cs-online.club/en/servers

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for Ritchell Ritchell says:

    Happy 😁😊😊

  2. Avatar for Waxman Waxman says:

    Good day friends.

    This is the administration of the former CS Online Club website.
    We would like to inform you that we have moved to a new Domain:

    We ask you to help us and change this description
    and link to restore the relevance of the CS Online project.

    Our new Domain is play-cs.com.

    Thank you for your help and sharing!

  3. Avatar for GRENN panthera GRENN panthera says:


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