Intel Arc A Series GPU specs unveiled

The Intel Arc was officially announced earlier this year and many are expecting it to come out this Q4 of 2022.

Intel though has unveiled the specs of their upcoming graphics cards via a Q&A Session. Based on the discussion, there will eventually be three (3) tiers for the cards with two (2) different models for the high-end graphics card marketed towards gaming or creative applications.

Intel Arc A Series Tier

The Intel Arc will have a naming sequence of A380, A580, A750, and A770 respectively.

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The entry-level model, the Intel Arc A380, will sport a 6GB GDDR6  memory with 2000MHz clock speed, and 8 processing cores. While the midtier option, the Intel Arc A580, will be equipped with a 24 processing core, 8GB of VRAM, and a clock speed of 1700MHz. To quickly compare, the direct competitors for these GPUs are the 1660 and the 3070 leaving room for another option in the middle for Intel to fill in should they plan to expand their GPU lineup.

Intel Arc A Series A380, A580 A750 A770

Intel Arc A Series A380, A580 A750 A770

Lastly, the last two models, the Intel Arc A750 and A770 are from the high-end tier. It will have 8GB of VRAM, 28 processing cores, and a clock speed of 2050 for the A750 and 8GB or 16GB VRAM, 32 processing cores, and a clock speed of 2100 MHZ for the A770 variant which are direct correlations to AMD Radeon’s RX 6600XT and Radeon RX 6900XT.

The comparisons are based on paper and not real-world or tested performance but we are excited to find out what the Intel Arc A-series have in store for its consumers.

Although there is still no definite news on when the Intel A series will be coming to the market, Intel has shared a series of 48 benchmarks showcasing how their graphics cards measure up against NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 models. Although, without the proper testing and benchmarks as well as pricing comparison, it still is quite difficult to tell how the A-series would compare versus the existing graphics cards of NVIDIA and AMD.

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