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Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processors announced

New Intel Core 14th Gen Series of CPUs just went official. This consists of the Core i9-14900K/KF, the Core i7-14700K/KF, and the Core i5-14600K/KF.

Intel Core 14th Gen Desktop Processors Boxed Fi

Based on the ‘Raptor Lake Refresh’ architecture, these new CPUs will maintain the pricing as their 13th Gen predecessors—boasting improvements in clock speed and power efficiency.

Core i9-14900K/KF

The new Core i9-14900K (and the non-iGPU 14900KF variant) boasts a 6GHz boost. Intel , for the second time, and says it’s the “fastest desktop processor at volume”—pertaining to the special-edition 13900KS, which broke the 6GHz barrier at stock speeds last year, albeit in limited quantities.

Other than that, the Core i9-14900K remains largely unchanged compared to its predecessor, the 13900K.

Core i7-14700K/KF

Perhaps, the Core i7-14700K stands out in the 14th Gen lineup with a notable enhancement in efficiency cores.

It now features a configuration of 8+12 cores (from 8+8), totaling to 20 cores, which is close to the 24 cores found in the Core i9-14900K.

Intel Core I7 Generational Performance

With base clocks of 3.4GHz on the P-core and 2.5GHz on the E-core, the 14700K offers improved performance for content creation and gaming, especially for titles that utilize multithreading.

Core i5-14600K/KF

Finally, we have the 14600K, a processor that may not have the most groundbreaking changes in clock speeds, but still offers impressive performance. The i5-14600K is equipped with a total of 14 cores, consisting of six P-cores and eight E-cores.

With a base clock of 3.5GHz on the P-core side and a boost clock of up to 5.3GHz, this processor delivers a powerful and efficient performance for various tasks and applications.

Intel Core 14th Gen Unlocked Desktop Processors Specs

Intel’s 14th Gen desktop processors boast compatibility with Intel 600- and 700-series motherboards, utilizing LGA 1700 socket.

These processors also offer support for Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 through optional add-ons for refreshed Z790 boards. They also support DDR5 5600 and DDR4 3200 memory speeds.

Price and availability

The newly announced Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processors have been officially launched in the US, with availability starting today, October 17th.

These processors, including the Core i9-14900K, the Core i7-1700K, and the Core i5-14600K, will maintain last year’s pricing—at USD 589, USD 409, and USD 319, respectively.

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