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LG G4 official Philippine price starts at Php31,990

The LG G4 is scheduled for launch in the Philippines on May 28 with a public release date of June 3. The official suggested retail price starts at Php31,990 for the 32GB model.


LG G4 (32GB, Metallic Finish): Php31,990
Available in Shiny Gold, Black Titan & Ceramic White

LG G4 (32GB, Genuine Leather Variant): Php32,990
Available Colors for Genuine Leather: Brown, Black, Red

LG Philippines is throwing a free 32GB SD card (on top of the 32GB internal storage) and extra 3,000mAh battery kit.

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20 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Wow nice LG. G3 vs G4?

    • G4 says:

      Obviously G4!

      better screen; brighter, more vivid,better viewing angles less energy consume.

      longer batter life



      worth for upgrading from G3.

  2. flavio says:

    pwede. ayus specs & freebies. kung may pera lang ako, ang phone(s) ko is iphone6+ and LG G4 sa android.

    kaso pambili nga ng Alcatel AFP wala pa eh. pwede kaya sanla muna kidney?

  3. Freeje says:

    Good luck LG!

  4. JK says:

    Wow, it’s more affordable than the G3 when it first came out. Nice, with “freebies” pa. I’d choose this over the Galaxy S6 which is 40k for the 64GB with no SD card slot.

    • Dro says:

      The resellers in the Philippines are putting too much mark up price for these phones. Here in my place the s6 edge 64 only costs around 37K and 32 @ 34K and the s6 flat 64 only around 31K and 32 @ 26K

  5. NotaSheep says:

    Wow… that’s a better value than Sony’s and Samsung’s! Go LG!

    but on the budget side… DIE LG!! *points at Magna and that other one*

  6. SirDerpington says:

    Pretty nice if you’re looking for a flagship phone, I think it’s much better if they also add an extra back cover on pre-order (one leather and one plastic), I can switch it over the free 32gb micro sd card since I got a 64gb one.

  7. SpiderWak says:

    Good deal na to kumpara sa Samsung ang Sony. Damn it why won’t Sony do something like this?

    • archie says:

      Mali lang ang marketing strategy ng sony kaya malaki ang patong ng mga mall sa presyo. Pero agree ako na kumpara sa 32gb ng S6 e mas mura na ang G4.

    • G4 says:

      free 32gb sdcard + an extra battery

      panalo talga ang LG sa ginagawa nila nato sana tuloy tuloy ang ganitong pasabog nila

      G4 is one of the best phone on the market
      best cameraphone for the still cameras
      second to s6 sa video quality
      good battery life still better than s6 based on most reviewers

      still one of the best display on the market
      still one of the faster and smoother phone in performance

      still good looking phone (real leather in a different colors)

      kudos LG!

  8. Sanny says:

    Kung alisin yung 32gb mem card at battery kit baka 26k lang yan. Mas maganda alisin na lang nila.

  9. hex614 says:

    sana available sa smart pag renewal ko this coming June 29.

  10. Pranka_Lang says:

    There’s a brushed metal variant? I only knew about the plastic with some diamond pattern and of course the leather. I’ve seen and held the demo unit with the plastic cover and to be honest it looked and felt cheap. The G2 and G3 models look better.

    The most compelling argument you can make for G4 is the better camera over G3. Everything else though doesn’t feel like it’s a significant upgrade from G3. The G4 demo unit I was checking out was stuttering even when I simply swiping through the app cabinet. Also the LG UI is rather ugly.

    So if you own a G3 and you don’t have a problem with its camera quality, I don’t think G4 is that great of a buy. I’d suggest you wait for G5. But if you’re looking for an upgrade from other flagship phones (from at least 2 years ago) and you’re thinking of getting one then G4 could be a good consideration.

    • The demo units in malls always stutter. For any freaking phone.

    • Pranka_Lang says:

      @Carlo Acetre
      Well the S6 demo unit beside the G4 demo unit rarely stuttered. Typically, almost all features were turned on in those demo units. I tried turning off the features in the G4 demo unit to see if it gets any better but no, it still stuttered a lot. And a couple of reviews have shown to be doing the same thing. Historically, the retail units of G3 are also exhibiting the same problem. I know because I used to have one so it’s disappointing to see it didn’t get any better.

  11. Rodel says:

    andaming freebies! agresibo na talaga ang LG at maganda effect nito sa market. di ko lang type ang leather pero solid ang handset.

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