LG to introduce three new robots at CES 2018

LG to introduce three new robots at CES 2018

LG Electronics is set to unveil three new concept work robots at CES 2018, whose purposes span across three different commercial sectors. All three robots will be part of LG’s new CLOi robot brand.

First up, we have the Serving Robot, which will deliver meals and refreshments to patrons at restaurants, hotels, and airport lounges. It has a sliding tray so that retrieval by the customer is simple.

Next is the Porter Robot, which also sees application in hotels, and maybe even airports. It is designed to deliver luggage to guests’ rooms, and even handle check-in and check-out, including payment.


Lastly, we have the Shopping Cart Robot, which helps customers at high-end supermarkets by allowing them to scan items with the robot’s built-in barcode reader. The customer is then shown the price of the product, as well as their shopping list. Using a smartphone app, the customer may also be personally guided by the robot to the location of the product they select within the supermarket.

LG says that “CLOi is LG’s brand designed to deliver both emotional interaction and innovative convenience to customers utilizing AI technology.”

“We will continue to develop a wide range of products across commercial and home robots while seeking new opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the robotics industry,” Ryu Hye-Jung, head of the smart solution business division of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company, was quoted as saying.

Source: LG

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