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List of third-party apps supported by iOS 14 as default email

Apple’s latest software update, the iOS 14 , has brought a lot of customization features. This includes the option to set third-party apps as the default browser and email apps to different platforms.

Recently, The Verge has listed all the third-party apps supported by iOS 14 as default email. This includes the following:

However, Edison Mail and Yahoo have not yet given information about when will they update to support iOS 14’s new default option.

Third-party apps are needed to be updated first before it could be set as default on iOS 14. As mentioned by The Verge, Apple called out email app developers to “meet specific functional criteria aimed at ensuring private and accurate access for users”.

Users who wish to change their default email app could go into the device’s Settings and find the specific email app to set as default by tapping Default Mail App.

Source: The Verge

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