MMDA to replace concrete barrier on EDSA

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is looking at alternatives to the current concrete barriers that they have placed along Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) which is being used as a safety for motorists.

MMDA EDSA Separators

Photo: PNA Website

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During a briefing, MMDA Officer-in-Charge, General Manager Romando Artes, said the MMDA is studying to replace the concrete barriers that function as a separator for the EDSA busway from other private and public transportation vehicles. Stating that despite EDSA being well-lit, 90 percent of road crashes are due to the concrete barriers involving drivers who are either drunk, fall asleep, or are using mobile phones.

Inaaral po natin iyong paglalagay ng bollard, instead of concrete barriers at lalo na dadagdagan pa po natin siguro iyong mga (We are studying the possibility of using bollards instead of concrete barriers and to increase) safety signs,” Artes said.

Artes claims that to date, there are several safety signs and over 2,000 “highway-grade” street lights along EDSA that stretches all the way from Caloocan to Pasay City. He also noted that the orange plastic barriers would not be a wise alternative as these are easily displaceable and are very light. Regardless of the chosen option, they want the exclusivity of the bus lane to remain and increase the safety of motorists.


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12 Responses

  1. Avatar for ely ely says:

    and after 1 year or two papalitan ulit ng concrete barrier, another budget for corruption…malapit na tlga ang election lahat na kayang pagkunan ng pondo gagawin nila…ang dpat na isipin nilang solution ay yung pang long term na

  2. Avatar for Rene Orleans Rene Orleans says:

    Dapat may mga ilaw sa barriers like sa ibang bansa na may reflector lights esp. dyan sa may underpass near sa megamall. madilim at minsan may nasundan ako binangga nya ang barrier. Hoping ma improved ang road safety.

  3. Avatar for RVP6 RVP6 says:

    Those plastic orange barriers are light and easily displaced because they are not being used correctly. They are supposed to be filled with water like in the US to keep them in place. In the event of a fiery accident, the water in those plastic barriers will put out those fires before the MMDA firetrucks arrive at the scene.

  4. Avatar for Manuel Manuel says:

    Should be bollards with plastic chains to prevent motorbike riders from entering the bus lane.

  5. Avatar for Pike Pike says:

    Sana dapat din tumulong ang MMDA na kunin ang mga homeless sa kalsada at ibigay sa DSWD dahil napaka sagwa tignan at road hazard din.

  6. Avatar for Bingo Bingo says:

    Barriers separating the roads should stay, but it needs to be visible to drivers in all weather conditions. Maybe a lighted yellow colored LED bulbs that will blink when headlights of incoming vehicles illuminates the LED bulbs. I think will do the trick. Since it is portable, with low power consumption and readily available in the market. Just do some experiment as to how far will the LED bulbs activates it blinking sensors once there is an incoming vehicles.

  7. Avatar for Maurice Maurice says:

    Lagyan ng concrete separator yan kagaya sa ibang bansa. Lagyan ng orange barriers yung entry points para sa mga emergency vehicles. Kung bollards lang yan, makakasingit lang mga kamote riders.

  8. Avatar for k k says:

    i pa contrata nyo po yan sa gumawa ng concrete separation sa skyway
    Dapat po ay skyway quality ang ginagawa nyo standard. sana po ay mapag isipan nyo mabuti yan sa mmda

  9. Avatar for Enrico Hernando Enrico Hernando says:

    Barriers or any deterrent won’t solve the problem. The solution is driver discipline education program for PUB drivers. If they are disciplined and enforcers enforce the rules, any barrier or bollard will be totally useless and risky obstructions to traffic.

  10. Avatar for Robert Robert says:

    Dapat po may signal light iyan para madaling makita pag gabi lalo kung umuulan at iwan disgrasiya sana kahabaan ng EDSA salamat po

  11. Avatar for Paulo Paulo says:

    Kung ginawa mo yang bollards, sisingit diyan yung mga kamoteng nag bibike / nag momotor. Hehe. Dapat solid yung ilagay diyan yung hindi pwede pasukan.

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