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Motorola’s new wireless charger can charge 4 devices simultaneously

Motorola has unveiled a new over-the-air charging solution that was featured earlier this year at CES. This over-the-air wireless charging hub can charge more devices at greater distances than ever before.

Motorola Air Charger 1 • Motorola’s New Wireless Charger Can Charge 4 Devices Simultaneously

The company has revealed that this new wireless charger is its second generation featuring a charging distance of around 3 meters compared to the previous 1-meter distance of the first generation.

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The new unit has 1,600 antennas, complete with an independent charging management chip and technology that enhances heat dissipation. In addition, Motorola’s tech is capable of recognizing a human body to pause its power automatically to avoid causing harm to humans.

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The charger also covers an arc of over 100-degrees, so it can beam power to phones even if they are off to the side. The new charger also addresses another limitation found on the first-generation model, as it can now charge devices even if there is an obstruction. The new wireless charger can simultaneously charge four devices.

Sources: Motorola (Weibo), XDA Developers via GSMArena

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