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Netizens grow increasingly frustrated with BDO ATMs facial and fingerprint recognition

When withdrawing from an ATM, most users are familiar with using a simple 6-digit pin. But nowadays, there are many ways one can withdraw from an ATM.

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In particular, BDO has long brought QR support along with both biometric facial and fingerprint recognition for those who’d like cardless withdrawals.

However, in recent times, netizens have noted that both the fingerprint and facial recognition technology on BDO ATMs are rather unstable and don’t really work all that well.

A post made by Martti Joeyson on Facebook shared his experience of consistently not being able to utilize the facial and fingerprint recognition found on BDO ATMs.

This has sparked others to share their own experiences in the post’s comments and as well on the subreddit r/Phlippines.

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Image Credit: Martti Joeyson

The post itself brought to light that the undependable technology has failed to recognize both a user’s fingerprint and face when withdrawing with Martti Joeyson stating “It has never worked. Not even when you started implementing it.”.

What’s even more troubling is that there simply was no option to input his PIN number to withdraw, making it quite a sticky and bothersome experience.

Moreover, he reported that his card ended up being stuck for 10 minutes which then led to a teller having to assist him and him signing an affidavit and other documents. This eventually then led him to miss an important appointment due to a problem that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Other posts have also been made, most especially on Reddit 14 where users have stated that it’s more confusing and tedious to withdraw using biometrics than a normal pin, similar experiences of not having a PIN number as an option for withdrawing, and others wishing for BDO to reevaluate and mend its biometrics recognition.

But it’s not all negative as some have reported that it has in fact worked well for them and others citing their own tips when inputting one’s fingerprint.

But for the majority, it’s been a less-than-ideal experience with most users deciding to either use the QR code feature or simply bring their debit card and input their PIN number instead.

What has been your experience with biometrics on ATMs? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE (April 17): BDO has reached out to us and assured customers that its Biometric ATMs aim to provide increased security and convenience for customers, reducing the risk of card skimming and fraud. 

While biometric ATMs are deployed in select BDO branches and complement regular ATMs, BDO says that customers can still opt to use regular ATMs that are also rolled out in branches that have biometric ATMs.

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20 Responses

  1. Avatar for Rj Rj says:

    Agree that there should be a direct option to use the traditional PIN rather than this time consuming fingerprint scan and facial recognition. It does not make the process easier but just made the ATM lines longer. BDO should review this service improvements.

  2. Avatar for Ali Ali says:

    BDO’s tagline of “We find Ways” is living up to its original intent. Instead of making banking transactions easier, they are finding ways of making depositor’s life harder.

  3. Avatar for John Patrick Dela Cruz John Patrick Dela Cruz says:

    Can I disable this feature when I go to one of the main branch? It’s so annoying that I only get two options, without the pin option instead..

  4. Avatar for Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I never had any problem with using the finger print recognition but have yet to try the facial recognition option.

  5. Avatar for Enrico A. Domingo Enrico A. Domingo says:

    Based on my experience, there are, actually, only selected BDO branches where you can find really difficult to make withdrawals using finger print and facial recognition. One and the worst is the Vermont Park branch. And it never improved even after several complaints to the branch. An option to use the password should be installed after two failed attempts by finger print have been made..

  6. Avatar for Joan Joan says:

    Better just change of pin regularly for security than fingerpront recognition and face scan coz it’s time consuming and it will be hard for clients especially seniors.

  7. Avatar for Joan Joan says:

    Better to update / change your PIN number regularly than the facial / fingerprint scanner for it is unable read .. it’s frustrating, coz other banks like Bank of Philippine Island the oldest bank in the country, make it easier for their clients to withdraw, they just advised to change the PIN regularly .. so better putoff the fingerprints and face scanner, much better then change pin regularly .. it will only delay the time of your clients, having long lines

  8. Avatar for Chris Chris says:

    I have 2 debit and one credit bdo cards…
    That’s very simple, it does not work, so I go to concurrent atm to withdraw cash and pay the local fees, between 14 to 25php.
    Bdo is the most annoying bank, if they didn’t have better Forex than others I would have left a long time ago.
    3hours to make international transfer, and it must be done before noon twice, it was not done in time and wasted my whole morning, they don’t allow it online. Ridiculous.
    Business loan? OK you meet all requirements you can borrow up to 10M.then no news after application and paid 5000 processing fees. 3 weeks later we took appointment the loan is refused, we don’t meet requirements. But they kept the 5K…😌 SO I went to HSBC, mortgage my property and got much lower interest.
    I only used my credit card to pay my globe bills, private and business for home and smartphones. 2 months ago, the card was used on iTunes, i called bdo to block the card, they said they will send a new card. As of today, I still have nothing, my bank can’t help I need to go to credit card center in city proper.

  9. Avatar for Emerita Williams Emerita Williams says:

    There should be an option to bypass finger and face recognition and go directly to PIN entry

  10. Avatar for Con Con says:

    It takes our time to withdraw… there are also instances that you can’t withdraw because the ATM machine is too high and you can’t find the right angle to perfectly fit the frame for face recognition. Frustrating to people like me where height is a disadvantage.

  11. Avatar for Con Con says:

    It takes our time to withdraw… there are also instances that you can’t withdraw because the ATM machine is too high and you can’t find the right angle to perfectly fit thw frame for face recognition. Frustrating to people like me where height is a disadvantage.

  12. Avatar for Karlo Karlo says:

    Imagine being able to withdraw from an ATM with another person’s card because the machines really don’t have records of your fingerprint. It only asked for your fingerprint during that same ATM transaction.

  13. Avatar for bogs bogs says:

    i’d rather just go old school than to use innovative yet unreliable and unproven mode of withdrawal. ATM it is.

  14. Avatar for Mark Santos Mark Santos says:

    It is a tedious and irritating experience. Long lines forming if the system is nit performing properly.

  15. Avatar for Bong Bong says:

    BDO ATM should provide option for PIN transaction. Not all depositors are enrolled to facial recognition and fingetprint. It takes 21 seconds before PIN option is available.

  16. Avatar for Kasey Kasey says:

    I agree that finger print and especially facial recognition are stupid security features of BDO. It’s troublesome and transacting with BDO ATM machines have become slow. I tried the QR Code many times and it doesn’t work. All these supposedly features should make things easier but not compromising the security of the accoun holders doesn’t work at all.

  17. Avatar for Karl Karl says:

    As a foreigner I don’t use that. The reason why because I seen people use it and don’t work great. You would think it’s a Bank they would update these kind of things. Then the paperwork really, wasting people Time. Alot of time’s ATM are out of money..

  18. Avatar for Joe Joe says:

    I never experienced this. I love using the card less option. Sometimes the atm scans the finger print too long but sometimes it scans quickly depending on the atm

  19. Avatar for Tess Tess says:

    So time-consuming using BDO ATM with finger scanner. Id rather use other bank’s atm and pay transaction fee for my BDO card.

  20. Avatar for Theresa Theresa says:

    Bdo has become extremely hard to do banking ATMS not working or no money online banking is a joke gives me anxiety everything I have to use it and their employees r clueless when it come to help or even trying to fix a problem.

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