New Android security feature: Get alerts when unknown trackers are near you

Google is taking strides in ensuring the safety and privacy of its users with the implementation of “unknown tracker alerts” for Android devices.

Android Unknown Tracker Alerts Fi

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The feature will be available on any device running Android 6.0 or later. And accessible through Google services in Settings > Google > Personal safety (on Android 9.1).

Although for now, the tech giant notes that the feature is currently working with only Apple AirTags. Google plans to expand this protection to other tracking tags as well in the future through their joint industry specification in partnership with Apple.

Unknown tracker alerts: Get notified automatically

Once an Android phone detects a tracker, users receive a notification and can view a map showing the tracker’s location relative to the user. They can also play a sound, which creates noise to help the user locate it without the tracker owner’s knowledge.

Manually scan

Users can also do a manual scan of their surroundings to check for trackers.

To do so, go to Settings > Safety & Emergency > Unknown Tracker Alerts, and tap “Scan Now”. According to Google, the scanning process will take 10 seconds, and lists trackers nearby.

Users can then act by tapping on the detected tracker. Check out the demo video below:

This announcement comes after Google announced Find My Device network which the company introduced during I/O event. This will assist users in locating their lost items, like headphones, phones, luggage, and keys, using new third-party Bluetooth tracker tags.

However, the launch has been postponed giving Apple sufficient time to place the necessary protections for iOS.

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