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New Philippine e-Passport set for release in 2016

The new version of the Philippine e-Passport is set to be released by the DFA in 2016. This was revealed today during a ceremony headed by Pres. Benigno Aquino where they demoed the new e-Passport to the press.

Lima Technology Center, Batangas, on July 20, 2015

The new e-Passport will have an embedded NFC chip. The passport cover are specially printed and manufactured in Europe while the inner pages are being printed by the Central Bank of the Philippines.

The inner pages of the new e-Passport will have a colored background prints of several national interest (Philippine Eagle, Rizal Monument, Rice Terraces, etc.)


Each of the pages also have a one-liner print of the National Anthem.

The existing passport will still be valid until their indicated expiration date. The current e-passport system is more than 6 years old and has been slated for replacement.

Until then, the old e-passports will still be issued to new and renewing individuals.

The new e-Passport uses several security and technology, some of which are not divulged by the DFA. The new e-passport also uses Intaglio printing.

Cost of the new e-passport is still the same at Php950.

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5 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    So now our Philippine flag has a red sun, red stars, gradient blue to sky blue (top right) and gradient red to yellow (bottom right) colors?

  2. Jeric says:

    The new passport is no longer printed by BSP

  3. angel says:

    ano ito joke? binago ang kulay ng bandila ng pilipinas ginawang dilaw ang red, at ang araw at bituin pula? imagine passport ang gagawin nyo, hello only in the philippines baguhin ang kulay ng flag… porke ba ang nakaupo is dilaw. ayoko magmura… pero pati ba naman flag natin gawin mong dilaw. sana mabago ito. at sana rin yung artist na nasulsulan pra baguhin ang kulay ng bandila. leche ka sana nag isip ka muna.

  4. MJ says:



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