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Ninja Van now delivers for TikTok Shop sellers in the Philippines

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Ninja Van has just announced that it has been appointed as TikTok Shop’s logistics partner in the Philippines, as well as in Indonesia and Malaysia.

This would entail that online purchases checked out in TikTok Shop in the Philippines will now be picked up from sellers, sorted in hubs, and delivered to shoppers by Ninja Van.

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Both Ninja Van and TikTok Shop have the mission of helping local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) succeed in Southeast Asia by allowing them to focus on their products and customers.

TikTok Shop allows merchants to showcase their products through in-feed videos, live streams, and a product showcase tab on their TikTok profiles.

With Ninja Van, one of the largest express logistics companies in Southeast Asia at their disposal, SMEs can now deliver their products straight from the screen to actual parcels on doorsteps.

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