Nokia Lumia 925 set for Philippine launch on August 1

Nokia Lumia 925 set for Philippine launch on August 1

The Nokia Lumia 925 is set to be launched in the Philippines next week. Nokia Philippines has sent out invites for the local press launch on August 1.

We still don’t have any information as to the retail price of the Lumia 9225 but we’ll be there to get you that detail by then.


We also have our review unit of the Lumia 925 here and it should be out by Monday just before the release date.

Base don our initial tests though, the unit that we have was not compatible with Globe’s LTE network. It’s possible the one they sent was a Europe model and we’re hoping the local model with be LTE compatible with both Smart and Globe.

Stay tuned for the full review.

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17 Responses

  1. edwaine says:

    Im glad that this phone will be here. I thought it will be launched with the 1020 at Q4.

  2. Lumiaowner says:

    Oh, but the Lumia 1020 already came out in the US… I’d rather wait for that one than get the Lumia 925 right now.

  3. sir chief says:

    wow i like

  4. Erwin Agustin says:

    This is the only odd aluminium premium non polycarbonate built among the Lumia series

  5. Cipher says:

    I’ll hold out on purchasing a new smartphone until the Nokia 1020 arrives here in the Philippines. Nokia is pretty much late in releasing their flagship phones lately.

  6. awdog says:

    Dont do it Nokia. No one is interested Nokia in this rehash. Go android or go bust

    • awdog_dogyot says:

      from a lagdroid fan eh?

    • Cipher says:

      Sorry, kiddo. I’m not interested in an OS that does not even run smoothly on a quad-core processor. WP8 can even run on a dual-core processor smoothly. Android is definitely an unoptimized piece of shit operating system.

    • awdog2 says:

      both of you are paid posters of MS.

      WP8 is like choosing Ubuntu over Windows. Sure Ubuntu is a little more stable but no one cares except for elitist nerds like you 2.

      Of course Im a little of tangent cos WP8 is nowhere near Ubuntu. WP8 is not going to go any futher. They’ve been around since the onset of smartphones. Still no one cares

    • awdog3 says:

      no one cares but you’re replying on his comment?! you’re an android fanboi are you? you just can’t accept the fact that wp8 is much better than your slowpoke phone.

  7. ASDF says:

    Windows Phone OS looks promising… techie friends any advantage/s of WP OS against IOS or Android ? Is it worth giving it a try?

    • smiley says:

      Do your own research my friend.. Besides, it is your needs that will matter the most when it comes to this :)

    • androiduserhere says:

      @ASDF windows phone is worth trying, if you dont mind the number of apps like the wellknown apps like candy crush,instagram,etc. this will be perfect to you.Also, kung ayaw mo rin ng OS na naglalag at walang masyadong kaekekan,pasok to sau(considering android OS always lags even on highend phones like SGS4)…dont mind the no of apps kasi darating din na dadami na rin tulad ng Android tska if ur considering this lumia 925, maganda rin ito na pangvideo o pangkuha ng litrato(halos tulad na ng point-and-shoot cameras sa image quality) if you want to ask for more just you are free to comment below =)

  8. Rene says:

    If it’s model RM-893 you have, it doesn’t have Globe’s 1800 frequency…LTE 700 / 850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 … RM-892 should work … LTE 800 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600

  9. fr0stbyte says:

    It’s been a while since WP8 launched yet the app selection is still poor. To be fair, Nokia does make beautiful hardware but the software (apart from it’s smooth performance) leaves a lot to be desired. Most app equivalents require payment yet they aren’t even up to scratch compared to iOS and Android offerings. I’m still waiting for a fire sale on the Lumia 920. $300 would do fine I think.

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