Not only DotA: Crossfire, Point Blank banned in Cavite

Not only DotA: Crossfire, Point Blank banned in Cavite

In an update to our previous story, a new resolution in Barangay Salawag in Dasmariñas, Cavite added more games to join DotA on its no-play list.

UPDATE 12:08AM January 27: According to a facebook post coming from Salawag Barangay Chairman Eric Paredes, the said resolution is fabricated, and is not an official edict from their office.


We’ll be taking it down so as to not cause any confusion.



According to the Resolution No. 009-S-2015 approved by the Barangay council last January 19, both offline and online First-Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Cross Fire and Point Blank have been added to the list of games not allowed to be played in computer cafes in the said area.


Salawag’s Barangay Council sees these games as roots of discord in peace and harmony not only in computer shops but also among families and the community as well. The games, according to the council, also inculcate bad virtues in children who play them such as swearing and cursing — even to the point where the youth steal and kill just to play them.

Computer shops that will be violating this ordinance shall be penalized with an initial one month suspension of operations, and a permanent closure with license forfeiture awaits those who have incurred repeated offenses.

Cross Fire is a highly popular free-to-play FPS game offering premium items as addons. The game is available worldwide, with players from over six continents and 11 distribution channels and revenues amounting to $1 Billion in 2013. Gameclub is the listed local publisher for the game.

Point Blank, on the other hand, is a fast paced online first-person shooter, which is very similar in terms of gameplay to Counter-Strike. It is developed by South Korean company Zepetto, and its Philippine operations are managed by Garena.

Source: TeamTechSquad

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31 Responses

  1. Nemo says:

    Mmmmm…… Aaaaaaa….Kaysa naman drugs

  2. NotASheep says:

    LOL, underground cafe anyone? XD

    The parents have no control over their children! XD

  3. lol says:

    Isang barangay lang naman eh. Marami pa namang ibang barangay na may internet cafe. Dun sila maglaro!

    • pasmado75 says:

      ang problema kalaunan gagayahin yan ng ibang mga nakapalibot na mga baranggay hanggang sa kumalat nang kumalat ang ganyang mga bobong panukala

  4. Jorge says:

    Kawawa silang mag hanap ngayon ng mga anak nila kasi sa ibang lugar na mag lalaro mga anak nila. Nasa disiplina yan sa bahay, turuan ang mga anak sa kanilag priorities.

  5. Dapat jan sa barangay na yan eh panay matanda ang nakatira. Sayang yung mga batang may potensyal sa DotA at maaaring kumita.

  6. Peejay says:

    Just like during martial law times when Marcos banned video games and had the Amusement Center in Quad carpark closed.

    • headnix says:

      As expected, another Martial Law analogy. Heck; since when was discipline synonymous with martial law?

  7. jhepoyski says:

    why not ban all games. pati games ng matatanda like sabong, majong and etc.

    • dzandueta says:

      A barangay could do that, though how often do you see adults swearing or worse during a game of majong, sabong, etc.?

      A usual problem here is behavior. If “kids” won’t control their behavior during these gaming sessions, then unfortunately someone else might do that for them — and the former obviously won’t like it.

      Personally, I think this banning of these games is a band-aid solution at best without truly solving the problem of kids misbehaving real bad. As some said, this thing can go underground, kids go to other barangays, etc.

  8. Faust says:

    Why not close all internet shops, another stupid ordinance again!

    • ForTheSakeOfHonesty says:

      Well, we now have computers that can play first-person shooter games… and can be fit in a pocket. And it costs less than a computer.

      Even with that, I got to say: you’re right. It is a stupid ordinance after all.

  9. ichigo says:

    Buti na lang di ako nakatira sa brgy na ito. Sana lang di kumalay ang kabobohan na ito.

  10. omgwtf says:

    baka pati parent kelangan disiplinahin?

    • dzandueta says:

      Hehe, ‘yan din ang isip ko. Pero syempre, mas madaling bintangan ang ibang bagay o tao kesa sarili.

  11. wth says:

    “even to the point where the youth steal and kill just to play them.”

    Kill really??

  12. RaM says:

    Bagsak negosyo ng internet cafe. Magtinda na lang sila ng droga.

  13. igniculus says:

    Haven’t you guys heard the so-called “DOTA Boys” who exchange illicit acts (ex. gay sex) in exchange of money just to play DOTA, i’m saying these because the whole LGBT community was shocked by a 14 year old boy who recently acquired the deadly HIV. Discipline really has to start at home but sometimes because of some families’ mediocre way of living and the current social environment of teens nowadays, you never what one has to resort to, just to get what they want. (the scary thing is they are getting younger and younger…)

  14. Name: says:

    kahit naman anong bagay basta may SUGAL hindi na maganda ang kinahihinatnan. SUGAL ang iban nila wag ung mga LARO

  15. Nel says:

    “Ui banned na pala online games dito. Tara magdroga nalang tayo.”

  16. kris says:

    Shame on you for spreading this fake resolution. Obvious na obvious ang pagka fake. Anong nakukuha mo sa pagawa nito? Grow up!

  17. kris says:

    You might as well have created it. Poor reporting is when you don’t verify the authenticity of your sources or the materials you post before posting them. Your readers rely on you to provide accurate information promptly. Thank you for looking further into this fake resolution but please do it expeditiously. Social media can spread information like a wild fire so it’s critical to correct an inaccurate information as soon as possible.
    Once you confirm this fake resolution, I suggest retracting this article of yours and to issue an apology not only to the people you have wronged but also to the readers you have provided incorrect information to. Simply taking down this article won’t do because you allow the wrong information to go on. We all have to do our part in educating our youths. You have a bigger responsibility by being on this website and putting information out in the community. Please use your tool wisely and responsibly. Maraming salamat.

  18. kris says:

    You know of the possible illegitimacy of the resolution copy yet you continue to have it posted for all to read without any warning that it could be fake? Or to take it down temporarily until you confirm authenticity and reposting it when you know you’re correct? Irresponsible journalism!

  19. kris says:

    Dear author,
    It would be better if you also write the updated article bigger than the original article’s title. It’s misleading that the title is still incorrect in bright, bold, red font while your retracting article is in small, dull, normal black font. Please do your due diligence to ensure the updated information received the full attention it deserves.

  20. Ketchap says:

    Maliit na bagay

  21. ako ni bay says:

    kawawa naman kaming mga gamers… pero konting tiis nalang babawi rin kami pagdating ng barangay election… tandaan nyo maraming kaming mga gamers… hehehe

  22. Zobel says:

    Self-imposed guardians of morality? Marami sa Pilipinas nyan.

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