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Ookla names PLDT, Smart as fastest fixed broadband and mobile network providers for Q2-Q3 2020

Ookla has recently analyzed fixed broadband and mobile network performance in the Philippines, naming PLDT and Smart as the fastest fixed broadband and mobile network providers for the Q2-Q3 2020.

According to the report, the Philippines’ internet speeds increased dramatically from Q3 2016, recording up to 477.0% of the median download speed over fixed broadband during the preceding four years. From 3.18 Mbps in Q3 2016, it is now rated at 18.35 Mbps in Q3 2020. The report also found an improvement in the upload speed of fixed broadband.

However, despite such overall improvements in network performance, the Philippines still lags behind most countries on the Speedtest Global Index. The country ranked 111th on mobile and 107th on fixed broadband for October 2020. This may be due to the stringent process that the government imposes on building network towers.

Using Speed Score, Oookla recorded Smart with the fastest Speed Score among top mobile operators in the Philippines at 19.97. Landing in second place is Globe at 13.47. Do note that results only consider mobile devices equipped with modern chipsets capable of supporting the latest network technologies.

On the other hand, PLDT is considered as the fastest fixed broadband provider during Q2-Q3 2020, garnering a Speed Score of 24.76. Converge ICT follows this in the second spot at 22.44. Meanwhile, SKY grabs third place at 18.25.

To further understand how speeds impacted Philippine providers’ customer perceptions, Ookla also compared five-star ratings and NPS data to providers’ performance. Smart was also hailed as the fastest mobile operator and had the highest rating during Q2-Q3 2020 with 3.3 stars. Globe places second with a rating of 2.5 stars. Gathered from single-question surveys presented to users at the end of a speed test, the data set provides rich insights into customer satisfaction over time, and competitive benchmarking, by providing data on both Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customers’ overall satisfaction with their network providers. Ratings were aligned with performance among top mobile operators in the country during Q2-Q3 2020.

As for the fixed broadband category, Converge ICT garnered the highest rating among users in the Philippines during the same period with a rating of 3.1 stars. PLDT and Smart tied for second at 2.7 stars, followed by SKY and Globe with 2.4 and 2.3 stars, respectively.

However, the fixed broadband performance did not align with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) during Q2-Q3 2020. The NPS determines how likely a consumer is to recommend his/her provider to other people on a 0 to 10 scale. All providers had negative NPS during this period, which indicates that users are not likely to recommend these providers across networks in the Philippines. However, Converge ICT had the highest NPS at -16.51, followed by PLDT and Smart at-46.39 and -49.18. SKY is placed fourth at -60.87, while Globe got the fifth spot with -65.52. Although PLDT was the fastest provider during this period, it recorded a much lower NPS score than Converge ICT. This means that performance and customer satisfaction do not always align.

For mobile networks, both Smart and Globe showed negative NPS during this period. However, Smart has a higher NPS rating at -20.79 than Globe’s -61.63.

Despite the government’s initiative of optimizing the policies in building new network towers to improve mobile network performance and connectivity in the country, the Philippines will need to continue removing barriers to infrastructure enhancements across the country to improve these rankings.

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