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Philippines dead last in Mobile Video Speed – OpenSignal

OpenSignal, a well-known mobile analytics company, just launched their first new type of report focused on mobile videos. The report named the Global State of Mobile Video aims to explore the mobile video experience of users across 69 countries, the Philippines included.

Results are actually pretty interesting. It seems that the countries with the fastest connection speeds aren’t really the ones providing a high-quality video viewing experience. Eleven of the 69 countries received a very good rating based on OpenSignal’s video experience scale.

This means mobile videos loaded relatively quickly and rarely paused even at high resolutions. Out of the 69 countries that were tested, the Philippines ranked the lowest in terms of video viewing experience.

Sadly no country achieved the highest rating, which is excellent. As mentioned earlier, the countries with the fastest connections weren’t the ones with the highest rating. An example to this is South Korea, which has the fastest speeds among the 69 countries. Even so, 15 countries outranked South Korea in terms of video experience.

OpenSignal also concluded that video experience and connection speeds are more closely linked at countries with slow internet. Once countries pass the 15Mbps average threshold, speeds had little effect on video streaming quality.

Zen Estacio is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. He is the team's laptop guru and one of their resident gamers. He has a monthly column compiling the latest and greatest the Nintendo Switch has to offer. Aside from that, he regularly writes gaming news, reviews, and impressions. You can hit him up at @papanZEN

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  1. Justin says:

    … no surprises there.

  2. evans01 says:

    Sana yung 3rd telco yung game changer natin dito sa ranking, sana nga bah

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