OpenSignal lists East Asia’s fastest 4G cities

OpenSignal lists East Asia’s fastest 4G cities

OpenSignal, a known mobile analytics company, once again publishes a study about 4G speeds of numerous cities in the world. This time around they check out the upload and download speeds of the 12 cities that represent the biggest economic centers of the East Asian region. Among those cities is Manila.

The data they analyzed was acquired from March to May. Among the 12 cities, Seoul and Singapore are at the top end of the spectrum when it comes to download speeds averaging at least 45Mbps. These two cities lead the region and are even one of the fastest in the world.


Just below these two are cities with at least an average download speed of 25Mbps, which is still an impressive feat. Lastly, the group at the end of the spectrum have download speeds that are below the global average of 16.9Mbps, this includes Manila.

These cities have low speeds but that’s only because they have been focusing more on providing coverage to their residents. Uploads speeds are still the same story with the same cities topping the charts, although the gap in speed is no longer that drastic. OpenSignal has promised that in the coming weeks they will check 4G availability next.

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