OPPO intros ColorOS 7.2

OPPO intros ColorOS 7.2

OPPO introduces its latest customized operating system based on Android 10, the ColorOS 7.2.

The ColorOS 7.2 integrates an Icon Pull-down Gesture, which positions app icons at the bottom of the screen, within reach of your thumb.

The Quick Return Bubble, on the other hand,  lets users switch apps and multitask effortlessly such as squeezing in a quick game before responding to emails.

Its AI APP Preloading algorithm, predicts which app users would use next and automatically preloads it. It learns smartphone habits through the user’s screen time.

Screen Recording 2.0 on the Color OS7.2 can now record using the smartphone’s front camera.


The ColorOS 7.2 also sports the OPPO Share which transfers photos, videos, and other files to OPPO and other smartphones using Wifi P2P technology.

The experimental platform OPPO Lab is also present in the ColorOS 7.2. The OPPO Reno4 has the said platform which sports features to be continued or improved for future OPPO devices. There’s a Decision Spinner which creates a decision roulette for users who have a difficult time making up their minds, and Lab Ringtone for customizing notification and ringtones.

The Reno 4 also comes with an OPPO Relax App for those who are having a hard time to sleep and need meditation. It has breathing exercises and ambient sounds that users can play.

The ColorOS 7.2 now has more than 30 sets of wallpapers which can be downloaded for free through the OPPO theme store. A new feature seen in the Reno4, the Gravity Wallpaper produces effects based on the direction of gravity of the smartphone.

OPPO has yet to release details about the supported devices of the ColorOS 7.2. However, OPPO Reno4 can now experience the said UI.

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