PH internet speed improves in Ookla's January 2021 report

PH internet speed improves in Ookla’s January 2021 report

According to the Speedtest Global Index by Ookla, the Philippines improves in mobile and fixed internet download speeds. The country currently ranks 86th on mobile and 100th in fixed broadband globally.

The test for January 2021 found that the Philippines’ jumped ten spots higher on the global ranking of its internet speed for mobile. The average mobile download speed last January was recorded at 25.77 Mbps. This is higher than in December 2020 at 22.5 Mbps. The upload speed and latency are also higher at 6.29 Mbps and 32 ms, respectively. With this, the Philippines is now ranked 86th from 96th.




As for the fixed broadband category, the country retained the 100th spot. Based on the data, the Philippines’ average fixed broadband speed rose to 32.73 Mbps in January 2021 from 31.44 Mbps in December 2020. It has recorded an upload speed of 31.64 Mbps and latency of 24 ms.

The Philippines has been making improvements. These improvements are believed to be the results of the telco industry’s sustained investments in network infrastructure development.

Source: Ookla

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  1. Gene A Collins says:

    It isn,t just the speed. Thee constant disconnect is the worst. And they are not even fixing broken towers in nicole regein.

  2. hans tingson says:

    very slow internet connection, just pricey

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