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Philippines ranks 80th in most powerful passport around the world for 2022

The Philippine passport is now ranked the 80th most powerful in the world with access to 67 different destinations without the need for a visa according to the Henley Passport Index: Global Passport Ranking 2022.

Philippines • Philippines Passport • Philippines Ranks 80Th In Most Powerful Passport Around The World For 2022

The Henley Passport Index provides a ranking for 199 passports worldwide and ranks them according to the number of destinations its holders can travel to visa-free.

The data is based on one of the largest travel information databases, the International Air transport Association (IATA), and is enhanced by the Henley & Partners’ research team.

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Realme Philippines

Henley Ph Passport

The Philippines climbed up three spots from last year’s index on which the passport ranked 83rd most powerful with 65 destinations available. However, the passport’s ranking has since declined since 2020 when the passport was 74th globally in the same index that year.

The Philippines also shares the 80th spot with Cape Verde Islands and Uganda having the same amount of destinations available.

Philippines Passport 2

Image Credit: Unsplash | Roy Javier

The most powerful passports according to the index include Japan being 1st with 193 destinations, Singapore and South Korea taking 2nd with 192 destinations, and Germany and Spain at 3rd with 190 destinations.

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To view the full list of passports ranked by the Henley Passport Index, you may visit here.

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21 days ago

If it’s ranked 80th, then it’s not at all “powerful” is it?

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