PLDT, Globe signs MOU to reduce interconnection rate of voice calls

PLDT, Globe signs MOU to reduce interconnection rate of voice calls

It’s official. PLDT and Globe have signed an agreement that will lower interconnection charges for voice calls to mobile phones and fixed lines.

Image from PLDT Twitter


Starting January 1, 2017, the interconnection rate for voice calls between PLDT and Globe will be reduced to Php2.50 per minute across-the-board. At present, mobile to mobile and landline to mobile voice calls cost Php4.00 per minute while mobile to landline voice calls cost Php3.00 per minute.

“We are supporting government’s efforts to bring down the cost of telecom services in the country. This agreement will translate in different ways to more affordable voice call rates for our subscribers,” PLDT Director and Head of Regulatory Affairs and Policy Office Ray C. Espinosa said.

source: PLDT

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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13 Responses

  1. JAMES says:

    It needed to have a DU30 President to recognize the efforts of the government? Hmm. But wait, baka naman walang effort past admins? Or may press releases pero walang kumilos? So kasalanan na naman to ni DU30?

    Did i sounded like a DU30 apologist here? I think you could brand me whatever. But I am a realist, and I talk when the changes are experienced by the common tao like me.

  2. trapik says:

    does it apply to landline to landline, mobile to mobile, mobile to landline calls?

    • Just Sayin' says:

      across the board was mentioned so im assuming all scenarios that you have stated plus landline to mobile is now just 2.50 PHP per minute

  3. abc says:

    Hehe. ayaw yata nila mabawasan ang kanilang mga customer pag dumating na ang mga kalaban.

  4. Daniozj says:

    ito ang good news! nararapat lang!

  5. ihodeput says:

    hmmm…so bakit 6.50 pesos yung call to same network since d naman nag babayad ng interconnection? at 7.50 kung sa other network. so basically 1.50 yung difference which i assumed na interconnection charge. please explaine. so, magkano na ngayon ang bago rate kung ma implement na ito?

  6. INTERNET says:

    Let’s see what will happen if the 3rd party players come to play with this giants. :)

  7. Neil Davidson says:

    It isn’t true that Smart postpaid is charging Php 4 for mobile to mobile calls. I reviewed my wife’s monthly statement, it is actually Php 6.70 per minute excluding evat of 12%. You can’t trust these companies!

  8. LOL says:

    Here we go. Ito talaga totoong sakit ng mga companies na yan. They’re threatened of a new player if they won’t adjust to the President’s standard so ngayon they’re trying to adjust pero napaka bagal. They’re into voice calls right now then next is text then hahanap na naman yan ng ibang mapag laruan before they try to bring down data capping (if they have any plans of bringing it down LOL). Let them have new competitions to hasten the process and put everything in the telecom business in balance.

  9. mark says:

    eh bakit yung landline to mobile na tawag dito sa Cebu 15php ang sinisingil per minute? ano to gaguhan?

  10. KamoteMan says:

    voicecall lang? dapat pati internet pababain na nila nangungulelat na tayo, ang mahal ng serbisyo nila tapos bagal pa.

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