Realme looking for beta testers for Mystery Project X

Realme looking for beta testers for Mystery Project X

Realme has announced its beta testing phase for its upcoming Mystery Project X software.

People who have experience in beta-testing pre-released software and reporting bugs can join the beta test of the company’s new project. However, in order to join, you must have the following requirements:


  • Proven experience in beta testing and debugging
  • Owns a Realme 3 Pro (no other phones will be accepted)
  • Bugs and feedback need to be expressed in English

The new Mystery Project X could be a new update in preparation for the Android Q platform before pushing it to the market. There is also a possibility that Realme is working on a new UI to replace the ColorOS that OPPO currently has on its smartphones.

Click here to sign up to the beta testing phase of the Mystery Project X.

Update: The Beta Test registration is now closed according to Realme’s post.

Source: Realme

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