Samsung announces SE8A, MM101 PD chips

Samsung announces SE8A, MM101 PD chips

Samsung has just announced its new power delivery (PD) chips, the SE8A and MM101.

Both chips feature a built-in embedded Flash (eFlash) which allows future firmware specifications and can supply up to 100 watts. With its 100W capacity support, the PD controllers can be used for various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and monitors. The chips also meet the USB specifications for fast-charging technology, USB-PD 3.0. The MM101 is equipped with its own Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for product authentication, while the SE8A has Secure Element embedded in it and supports USB Type-C Authentication. Samsung has also included a chart on how its PD controllers work for fast charging and another chart about how contents move through the SE8A.


Samsung is currently sampling MM101, while the SE8A is currently in mass production.


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