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Samsung Philippines announces its Great Blue Sale

Samsung Philippines has announced its Great Blue Sale featuring some of its latest smartphones and a couple of bundle offers.

For starters, the company is advertising some of its Galaxy series of phones on discounts:

  • Galaxy A6+ now at Php17,990 (SRP: Php22,990; Php5000 discount)
  • Galaxy A6 now at Php11,990 (SRP: Php16,490;, Php4,500 discount)
  • Galaxy J6 now at Php9,990 (SRP: Php13,990; Php4000 discount)
  • Galaxy J7 Core now at Php8,990 (SRP: 10,990; Php1,000 discount)
  • Galaxy J2 Pro now at Php6,990 (SRP: Php7,490; Php500 discount)

Samsung will also offer bundled items this month as part of the promotion:

  • Free Galaxy Tab A (7″) for every Galaxy Note9 purchase
  • Free Eider Bar Phone for every Galaxy J8 or J7 Core purchase
  • Free Php1,500 voucher for every Galaxy J6 or A6 purchase (the voucher can be used for your next Samsung purchase)

Several dealers as well as Samsung’s own promoters have started to advertise this promotion online. The Samsung Great Blue Sale for mobile devices starts today and will end September 30, except for the Note9-Tab A bundle which will end on September 16.

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4 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Is the A8 considered flagship like the S/Note series? Not a single price drop or sale since January.

    Also the poster seems to show the bar phone comes with J2 Pro, not J8.

  2. yuzu713 says:

    I recently bought the A6+ for only 13,490 from the official Samsung store in Lazada. Super satisfied because I saved almost 10K! :-)

  3. el gato says:

    “Galaxy J7 Core now at Php8,990 (SRP: 10,990; Php1,000 discount)”
    10990php to 8990php = 2000php discount

  4. kurt says:

    9990 ang j7 core ah

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