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Schneider Electric launches HyperPod in the Philippines

Schneider Electric has partnered up with VST-ECS Philippines (formerly MSI-ECS) to launch HyperPod, a containment solution, in the country.

The HyperPod is a data center management aimed for businesses to utilize. Schneider Electric has stated that the HyperPod allows “data centers to be designed, deployed, and upgraded faster and at a lower total installation cost.” With the use of the HyperPod, racks can be rolled in and out and deployed faster without depending on the IT rack delivery and invasive construction can also be avoided.

Tony Kang, Business Vice President for Secure Power, Schneider Electric Philippines said:

The concept behind Schneider Electric’s newest innovation is all about helping businesses optimize their operations and making sure that we get maximum productivity while achieving savings and efficiency. With containment solution called HyperPod, we hope to reshape industries by providing Innovation at Every Level through our scalable and flexible innovation that is fit for any business’ data center needs. Our partnership with VST-ECS Philippines showcases what efficiency truly means and we hope to share this with everyone.

Schneider Electric currently offers HyperPod to colocation providers, cloud providers, large telecommunications companies, and large enterprises. It can also cater to small-to-medium businesses that house their own data centers. The installation cost of the HyperPod varies.

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