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Shopee intros Shopee Pets

Shopee has introduced a new feature called Shopee Pets, which is an interactive virtual pet inside the Shopee app, giving you rewards when you take care of it.

Shopee Pets was inspired by a popular mobile game during the 90s. It allows players to redeem rewards by nurturing these virtual pets. Players can help their pets evolve through daily activities. They can level up their pet’s XP (experience points) and unlock diamond points throughout the game by feeding, cleaning, and playing with them. Accumulated points can be used to redeem rewards at the Points Redemption Store.

Players can take care of their pets all day, and once their pet reaches level 50, they can choose another pet and repeat the life cycle.

To level up your pet and gain diamond points, players can do the following:

• Social Interactions: Sharing is caring! With social interactions between players, they can receive shared items that can increase their pet’s happiness bar.
• Schooling: You can let your pet attend school once it reaches level 4, so they can join class games, and engage in other activities like quizzes and races to achieve diamond points.
• Grooming: Keep pets squeaky clean by dragging the soap bar on top of the pet. All cleaning supplies help increase XP and its happiness and cleanliness levels.
• Feeding: Make sure your pet is well-fed to maintain its happiness levels. There are three types of pet food and paid food gives your pet higher XP growth and fullness points.
• Playing: Keep your pets happy by playing with them on a regular basis. There are three ways to play with your pet:
– Dance to the Music: Follow the beat to increase your pet’s happiness bar. Each song consists of three rounds and will speed up at the end of each round.
– Jump on a Trampoline: Drag the trampoline left and right to make sure your pet stays on it and earns more points.
– Score a Goal in Soccer: Score a goal and increase your pet’s happiness and XP level. Each goal has a corresponding amount of XP.

Furthermore, players can choose their pets at the start of each cycle and can dress them up in adorable clothes. They can also start doing improvements on the pet’s home by level 25 and unlock new themes.

During the launch of Shopee Pets on March 3, players can win prizes which include Shopee coins, coins cashback vouchers, and other products such as a Xiaomi Air Purifier, an O’Healthy Electric Juicer Blender, an Acer Aspire 3 laptop, and many more. One lucky player also stands a chance to win PHP 100,000 via ShopeePay from March 12 to 16.

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