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Siklo Pilipinas turns old tires into stylish bags

A local business Siklo Pilipinas turns old tires into various stylish bags, such as backpack, crossbody, sling bag, tote bag, convertible, tire bag, utility bag, and belt bag.

According to Siklo Pilipinas, the brand name combines “Siklo,” a Filipino word that means “cycle,” along with our country’s name, “Pilipinas.” It was founded by Lyndon and Clarice Ecuacion. This local business started as the couple improvised a solution to protect electronic devices and cameras using “interyor” – the local name for an inner tube. With that, they have transformed the inner tube into a gadget bag.

Established in 2012 and now Siklo Pilipinas had upcycled over 20 tons of discarded tire inner tube. As per Siklo Pilipinas, discarded inner tube rubber is a good material for bags, and it is also naturally waterproof.

Siklo Pilipinas mentioned that no items are exactly alike due to the incidental attribute of the tire rubber material resulting from its previous use. However, every design has the same dimension and construction. These items would only differ in the inherent attributes of each innertube material.

All SIKLO products are made of tire rubber materials that may completely decay only in the next 200 years.


Moreover, SIKLO bags are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects. In case a defect in sewing/stitches, defective zippers, or loose attachments on hardware arises within 30 days after purchase, the bag can be sent back to Siklo Pilipinas, and the shipping cost will also be refunded.

Additionally, SIKLO products come with a 2-year warranty. However, repair procedures resulting from wear and tear from normal use are also free of charge.

Check out the pricing range of SIKLO bags below.

• SIKLO backpack – from PHP 1,950 to PHP 3,900
• SIKLO sling bag – from PHP 950 to PHP 2900
• SIKLO crossbody – from PHP 1,950 to PHP 3,750
• SIKLO tote bag – from PHP 1,250 to PHP 2,750
• SIKLO convertible – from PHP 1,350 to PHP 3,900
• SIKLO tire bag – from PHP 2,200 to PHP 3,750
• SIKLO utility bag – from PHP 850 to PHP 2,750
• SIKLO belt bag – from PHP 1,200 to PHP 1,850

SIKLO products are available for purchase through the official Siklo Pilipinas website.

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  1. joberta says:

    This is very good, with so many old and used tires especially in our country.

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