Smart leads 5G mobile network in PH with 7 wins, reports Opensignal

Smart leads 5G mobile network in PH with 7 wins, reports Opensignal

In Opensignal’s first-ever 5G Experience Report, Smart leads the 5G mobile network in the Philippines with a total of seven wins. Smart wins five out of seven categories outright: 5G Availability, both of Opensignal’s speed awards (5G Download Speed and 5G Upload Speed), along with two out of three experiential awards (5G Video Experience and 5G Games Experience).

Smart statistically ties with Globe in two categories, so both operators are joint winners of the 5G Reach and 5G Voice App Experience awards.

Smart leads in the 5G availability, giving it an upper hand over Globe despite its higher volume of 5G users.

According to the October 2021 report, Smart also beat Globe in the Games Experience sector with a score of 71.9 points out of 100 point value. When compared to Globe’s 66 points, Smart led by 5.9 points (9%).


As for the download speed category, Smart achieved 178.1 Mbps for 5G Download Speed, which is 78 Mbps faster than Globe’s score of 100.1 Mbps. On the other hand, for the upload speed category, Smart touted a significant lead on 5G Upload Speed as users reported average speeds of 18.4 Mbps. Giving it a 7.8 Mbps (72.7%) advantage over Globe’s.

On 5G Video Experience, Smart scored 77.9 points on streaming video over an active 5G connection, giving it a small advantage over Globe’s 75.7 points. However, both operators have been placed in the Excellent (75 or above) category. This indicates consistent user experience with fast loading times and almost non-existent stalling.

The Opensignal 5G Experience Report October 2021 is based on the independent analysis of mobile user experience measurements recorded from July 1 to September 28, 2021.

Source: Opensignal

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3 Responses

  1. Christian Pagdala says:

    7 wins! That is for sure one of the most impressive feats they have done so far. Congrats to them!

  2. Marjorie Barola says:

    I have not yet experienced 5G due to my device not supporting it but this feat just shows how satisfactory the service is.

  3. Mark Manalo says:

    They never stopped impressing us with their back-to-back accolades. Congratulations!

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