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Smart outs GigaPlay app with free, exclusive content for subscribers

Smart just introduced GigaPlay, where subscribers can access free and exclusive content via the app.

The GigaPlay is a mobile app where Smart subscribers can watch exclusive live sports and music events. It is a channel for mobile users to stream videos anytime, anywhere across the Philippines. Through GigaPlay, subscribers may stream free exclusive live concerts, watch their favorite sports, live and on-demand, and see their favorite K-idol shows without a subscription fee.

The following can use the GigaPlay streaming services:

• Prepaid – Smart Prepaid, TNT, Bro Prepaid, PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid
• Postpaid – Smart Postpaid (all plans, Infinity), Smart Bro Postpaid

To view the content catalog, users can enter any mobile number when they open the app. However, to stream the content, they need a Smart Prepaid or Postpaid mobile number.

According to Smart, users don’t need to register for a data pack to watch content on GigaPlay. All content except NBA can be accessed if you use your Smart mobile data or PLDT WiFi connection. Plus, there are no additional fees needed.

For NBA content, Smart Prepaid subscribers need to register for a Giga Video or Giga Video Pro data pack. On the other hand, there’s no registration to a data pack required for Smart Signature Postpaid, Bro Postpaid, and Infinity Plan holders.

The GigaPlay app is now available for download in the App Store or Google Play Store.

You may visit the official Smart website for more information.

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  1. Avatar for Richard Pratte Richard Pratte says:

    cant even loginto uaap app on gigaply error message received

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