Smart wins OpenSignal’s Games Experience category, Globe catches up in Latency Experience (April 2020)

In OpenSignal’s latest Mobile Network Experience Report for April 2020, Smart outperformed Globe in 6 out of 7 categories, including the first-ever Games Experience category. Nonetheless, Globe has shown notable improvements across the board.

This month’s Mobile Network Experience Report sees two additional categories: Games Experience and Voice App Experience. The category breakdown is as follows:

Video Experience

Using OpenSignal’s metric, Smart scored 55 points out of 100 while Globe is trailing behind at 39.8 points. Compared to September 2019’s report, Smart has reached a good rating, while Globe is 0.2 points away from being fair. Focusing solely on 4G performance, Smart almost reaches OpenSignal’s very good rating at 62.4 points while Globe only manages to get a fair rating with 43.7 points.

Games Experience

OpenSignal’s latest Games Experience category is experiential and measured from 0-100. Its parameters include latency, jitter, and packet loss, taking into consideration different genres of multiplayer mobile games. According to the results, both networks offer very poor performance, with Smart scoring 36.9 points, and Globe only slightly behind at 35.9 points.

Voice App Experience

Voice App Experience is another new addition to OpenSignal’s categories. It’s based on the ITU’s approach for quantifying call quality, taking into account apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger. Smart took a small lead with 64.8 points, and Globe scoring 64 points. However, both networks’ overall performance was very poor, while their 4G performance managed to reach the poor rating.

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Download Speed Experience

In OpenSignal’s testing, Smart achieved a weighted average download speed of 10.6Mbps, while Globe managed 7.6Mbps. Both networks saw an improvement over September’s report, with Smart gaining an additional 1.2Mbps, and Globe’s speed increased by 1.1Mbps.

Upload Speed Experience

Smart also took the lead in upload speed, managing to get a speed of 3.9Mbps, which is almost double Globe’s 2Mbps. That being said, both networks only saw marginal gains compared to September’s report, with Smart and Globe only improving by 0.6Mbps and 0.3Mbps, respectively.

Latency Experience

Both networks managed almost similar latency in this month’s report, with Smart and Globe reporting a score of 59.8ms and 60.7ms, respectively.

4G Availability

Lastly, OpenSignal compared both networks’ 4G availability based on the % of time available. Here we see Smart making the biggest improvement at 81.8% compared to the previous report’s 74.3%, while Globe only scores 77.8% compared to the last report’s 75.3%.

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar for grIMAG3 grIMAG3 says:

    This does not reflect all the areas they are covering in the Philippines. Because Smart is fvking slow where I live. I’m absolutely sure this statistics is based only on the data they gather in the NCR region and other major cities.

    • Avatar for Alejandro Maquinto Alejandro Maquinto says:

      Good morning! This is based on the Philippines as a whole. You’re right, there are indeed areas where Globe was better. Overall, however, Smart outperformed based on OpenSignal’s testing.

  2. Avatar for kuyatito kuyatito says:

    that’s only evident in highly urbanized cities. once you get to the provinces, the signal is just mediocre.

  3. Avatar for Lenardo Lenardo says:

    best and second-best in press releases.
    both very poor in actual usage. losers.

  4. Avatar for Johnny James R Corpuz Johnny James R Corpuz says:

    Smart and Sun has the poorest signal here in our place! Videos buffer every 2 minutes.

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