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SpaceX selling the Starlink Mini in select areas

SpaceX has begun selling the Starlink 60 Mini in select areas. This is a new Starlink kit that’s portable enough to fit into a bag.

The Starlink Mini is priced at USD 599 (~PHP 35,000), according to the emails SpaceX have sent out. This is USD 100 more than the standard dish kit, with users needing to have an existing standard service plan.

This is because SpaceX can only tack on the Mini Roam service for an additional fee of USD 30 (~PHP 1,800) per month. A Starlink residential customer will have to pay USD 150 (~PHP 9,000) a month in all if they’re getting the new kit.

However, the smaller dish may not cost as much long term. SpaceX noted that they’re working to make Starlink more affordable. This presumably is why the offer’s only up for a limited number of kits in regions with high usage.

Elon Musk talked about the Starlink Mini via X (fka Twitter), calling it a “great low-cost option”. He added that it will cost “about half the price of the standard dish to buy” with the monthly subscription.

SpaceX also notes that the Starlink Mini comes with a built-in Wi-Fi router. With that, the kit is effectively smaller and needs fewer components to access the internet.

In addition, the kit consumes less power, has DC power input, and is capable of download speeds going over 100Mbps. The kit ships with a kickstand, a pipe adapter, and a power supply.

It even has a cord with a USB-C connector on one end, with a barrel jack on the other.

Again, this is rolling out to select areas with high Starlink usage. However, the company is ramping up production of the Mini kit. This suggests that it will be available soon in international markets, and we’ll be sure to give an update.

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