Speedtest Global Index Philippines: May 2018

Speedtest Global Index Philippines: May 2018

The May 2018 Ookla Speedtest Global Index report, which compares the internet data  speeds from around the world, is now out.


For the Mobile category, the Philippines increased by 0.04Mbps, on average, based on download speed compared to the April 2018 report. The upload speed, however, is still the same at 5.99 Mbps. As for Fixed Broadband, the download speed in the country increased by 0.11Mbps while the upload speed also increased by 0.59Mbps on average. Even with the slight increase, the country still fell down 1 rank on both categories for the month of May 2018.

Global Average speed for Mobile is now 23.57Mbps(download) and 9.35Mbps(upload), while Fixed Broadband is 45.48 Mbps(download) and 22.18 Mbps(upload).

source: Speedtest

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2 Responses

  1. Rc says:

    Speed test shows way higher than the open signal. But for experience its more the same than open signal. Speed test always show higher speed. Dont trust them

    • Justin says:

      Speedtest.net chooses the best server upon testing, in most chances you are connected to the ISP’s (local) servers. OpenSignal results are based on real-world data collected from the users who installed the OpenSignal application, the OpenSignal app runs on the background, thereby collecting network transfer speeds, signal state (WiFi or Cellular LTE/3G/WCDMA, signal strength), ISP details, and etc.

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