Symbianize Forum shutting down this August

Symbianize Forum shutting down this August

Symbianize, one of the longest running Philippine tech forum website, will be retiring very soon according to their latest post.


The forum started back in 2006 and has been the go-to place of Filipinos when it comes to tech-related concerns such as PC, smartphones, installers, software, guides, and games, to name a few. In their website post, the administrator stated that the website will probably last until the end of the month (August 2018). One puzzling message is the hashtag that they included in the post “#ChangeIsComing?”. This could mean that they would be changing their platform or migrating to another medium but, no further information was stated after.

Source: Symbianize Forum

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26 Responses

  1. sil_Ence says:

    I’ve been a member since 2009. I can say that I’ve learned a lot from that forum. It’s a place where people share their knowledge, skills and ideas about technology. It’s very sad that it will soon shut down.

  2. Boffill says:

    Its a sad message from Lance. As one of the pioneering member since 2006.

  3. evans_01 says:

    me as well been a long member of Symbianize, ito talaga pinupuntahan if my tech related problems at saka internet problem din. sad to hear that :(

  4. Kuratong says:

    Symbianizer since 2008, hope they will make a new site

  5. Kuya Mharz says:

    Bad news. I can’t imagine my online home going down…

  6. Kuya Mharz says:

    Bad news. I can’t imagine my online home for a decade now will be going down…

  7. tantrums says:

    I’m smelling the coming of “Andronize”…..

  8. markus says:

    Anyone has any idea why? I’m not sure it’s because of financial problems kasi sa dami nang tao siguro naman kumikita sila dun sa ads nila, and kung hindi man they could probably try to run vip memberships etc.

    Is it because of the prevalent piracy/illegal/hack posts?

    • SymbianzierSince2010 says:

      VIP Membership? The whole idea was built on free tech advice with legit and proper solutions.

  9. richard15 says:

    thanks for sharing yur skils mga ka symbianers…ma mimiss ko ang SB

  10. mark says:

    my alternate site ba?

  11. james says:

    alternative site pinoy forum build 6 months and counting you must try this site website friendly

  12. kuyamo says:

    member since 2009 wala pang android phone noon. nokia days

  13. dmc says:

    grabe kakasali ko lang wala na agad anyare..pls lang..sayang to..knowledge is the best for human being….?

  14. Nancy NC says:

    nagbalik na po ang sybianize — na sya :D

    my old login is still the same in the new domain nila.
    tuloy ang ligaya

  15. ranrey20 says:

    Parang nagpalit sila ng site from symbianize to mobilarian ewan lang kung yun parin yun

  16. Jeff says:

    Aus meron nga pati account ko andun pa din. Thanks sa info. :D

  17. YnnosWafu says:

    Heto na po yung bagong link nila… :)

  18. mark rommel says:

    contact me brother in my fb account my fb user name is liam cruz

  19. s3Enthusiasts says:

    been a symbianize member way back 2012, can’t hide this feelin so sad …

  20. doy says:

    member din ako. matagal na. sana meron din alt or pumalit? dyan kasi ako nakakahanap ng pang remedyo sa mga pc ko pag nasira. sad sad

  21. Jason says:

    Bago pa lang pero heto na po ang papalit:

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