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Telegram announces plans of monetization, adds voice chat support to Groups

Messaging app Telegram has recently shared its monetization plans starting 2021 and a major update that adds voice chat support to Groups.

As announced by Instagram co-founder Pavel Durov, Telegram will be monetized to keep it operational. He also clarified that Telegram will not be sold to other entities and remains an independent company to ensure its high-quality service. Regular users may enjoy all features on Telegram for free. However, the additional premium paid features will be available for business teams or power users. It also mentioned that ads would only be available on public channels and not on personal and private group chats.

The ads posted on public channels would look like regular messages and be integrated within the app. Telegram will use its own Ad Platform for public channels to cover the costs of servers and traffic.

Once the monetization system activates next year, owners of monetized large public channels via the Ad Platform may receive free traffic in proportion to their size. Telegram also said that artists of premium stickers with additional expressive features might also get a profit.


Telegram also adds Voice Chat on Groups, allowing members of the group to see who is talking at the top bar of the Groups page. Those who join the voice chat are free to explore the app, browse conversations, and send messages. They are still connected to the chat and can unmute and mute themselves through the screen’s e controls. Do note that Android users may enjoy the full Voice Chat experience with a system-wide floating widget that shows mic controls and is currently talking even when the app is running in the background.

Voice chat has a limit of “few thousand participants.” The feature will be available on iOS and Android devices and the desktop version of Telegram in Windows and macOS under the Push-to-Talk key.

Other recent improvements on Telegram includes faster loading of stickers, moving of Telegram app to SD card for Android devices, new app animations for Android devices, the announcement of messages on iOS through Siri, editing of photos before sending it to the recipient for Android users, and more new animated emojis.

Telegram also launches a public Bug and Suggestion Platform to identify potential new features and locate bugs on the app. Through the website, Telegram users may suggest new features and report bugs efficiently. All Telegram users may also vote from the existing entries of suggested new features to add to the messaging app. Telegram will roll out the new function gradually to make sure each submission gets the attention it deserves.

Source: Telegram, Telegram Channel Pavel Durov

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